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Yuuki Cross, or Yuuki Kuran, is the adoptive daughter of the headmaster of cruz Academy. Yuuki is a first ano student at cruz Academy and is a member of the school's disciplinary committee, which is a Guardian for cruz Academy. In her capacity as a Guardian, she is responsible for the nightly duties of monitoring and protecting the dia Class.


Yuuki is generally a cheerful and comedic girl. She exhibits a strong attachment to her close friends. Her indecisive nature and reticence can be attributed to her insecurity regarding her missing history. She has a fear of bad vampiros which means she rarely leaves the cruz Academy grounds on her own. She is protective over Zero and fears the fact that he might become a level E.


Yuuki has always been small for her age, as a human she was noted to be underdeveloped. Following her transformation to a vampire, her body has started to mature and her once short hair grew long overnight. Her height is 170 cm.