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The fans pick: travesseiro Fight
The fans pick: #12
The fans pick: Ringo
The fans pick: No, but I want to!
No, but I want to!
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80smusiclover1 said …
Happy Birthday, George! I amor you and miss you dearly. 🎂❤❤❤ Posted faz 27 dias
BingoPB commented…
Happy Birthday, George! Say hello to John for me. faz 27 dias
80smusiclover1 commented…
Same for me! faz 27 dias
Rubyrings commented…
Happy birthday, George! I amor you so much. faz 27 dias
ktichenor commented…
Happy birthday George! Enjoy your party with John and all your friends! 🎂🎉🎊🎁🎈🎈🎈💖✨ faz 27 dias
ktichenor said …
February 25, 2019 our beautiful, sweet George would've been 76 years old!💐 Happy birthday, George!!!🎂 amor you, always! 💖💋 Posted faz 27 dias
ktichenor commented…
'We Want To Tell You...' We amor You And Miss You! Happy Birthday! 🎂 faz 27 dias
yorkshire_rose commented…
Lovely George..Forever in our hearts 💖 faz 27 dias
80smusiclover1 commented…
Amen! We amor you, Georgie! *Hugs and kisses* faz 27 dias
Rubyrings commented…
amor you, Georgie. Have a big kiss from me. faz 27 dias
Rubyrings said …
Has anyone else ever heard somebody laughing at the way Beatles fãs act around the Fab Four, and felt very offended? They will laugh when they hear how girls scream at Beatles concerts or run after the boys or hide in the air ducts trying to catch a glimpse of them - and why is that funny?! It's a very special way of showing the genuine amor we feel for them, and besides, if I were there, I would have done those exact same things. Posted faz 1 mês
80smusiclover1 commented…
Me too. I consider those acts of amor as well. faz 1 mês
Rubyrings commented…
They are. People should sympathize with the fans, loving the Beatles so much and doing whatever they could just to get near them. They should admire the fans, for being so loyal and determined! faz 1 mês
ktichenor commented…
I agree but consider this those people laughing are either jealous boys or haters who just don't get the fan's amor and appreciation for the Beatles. And they don't deserve our time, they're just losers! Plain and simple! faz 1 mês