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The fans pick: Yes.
The fans pick: A Hard Days Night
The fans pick: Yellow Submarine
The fans pick: Both stereo and mono
Both stereo and mono
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ktichenor said …
I get so angry when people who call themselves Beatle fãs post mean, unfunny imagens of the Beatles on Pinterest. I mean how can you call yourself a Beatles fã when you're doing stuff like that!? They're not true Beatles fans, they're fakers! And they should be ashamed of themselves! Posted faz 1 dia
yorkshire_rose commented…
^I full agree...all I can say is that they really need to get a life !!! Just ignore them,they are not worth it ! faz 1 dia
ktichenor commented…
Exactly! Well, said! faz 1 dia
ktichenor commented…
I know right? Some people are just rude and want to cause trouble and make people angry because they have no life! They probably know nothing of the Beatles, anyway! Just a bunch of whiny haters! faz 4 horas
Rubyrings said …
Happy 50th anniversary of that wonderful, psychedelic movie, Yellow Submarine! Posted faz 1 dia
ktichenor commented…
We all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine.... <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 faz 1 dia
ktichenor commented…
Fantastic Movie!!! :D faz 1 dia
ktichenor commented…
Plus seeing John defeat a mean blue luva is a lot of fun! Yay, John!, Yay, Beatles! Yay, Jeremy! <3 faz 4 horas
Rubyrings said …
I saw this post on Pinterest yesterday talking about fãs of bands - not any particular band, just bands in general - and it said something along the lines of, "One day, we'll take down the posters and mover on, but we will never forget them". And I thought, "Maybe that's how Beatles fãs are different. Because maybe you will take the posters down and mover on one day, but I never will." Posted faz 9 dias
ktichenor commented…
Well, I received my first Beatles poster when i seven and it's still on my mural but even if it wasn't I could never mover on from the Beatles. They're timeless, they're classic and amazing! After all these groups are gone the Beatles will always be remembered because they're just awesome! <3 faz 9 dias
Rubyrings commented…
That's right! I know I'm never taking down the posters or moving on! faz 8 dias
ktichenor commented…
And we as Beatle fãs will be around for a long time! ^You said it Rubyrings, Beatles forever, and Beatles fãs forever! :) faz 2 dias