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The fans pick: ringo
The fans pick: Abbey Road
Abbey Road
Please Please Me
The fans pick: Blackbird
While My violã o, guitarra Gently Weeps
The fans pick: 11-17
11- 17
18- 29
Paul (Jun. 18)
George (Feb. 25)
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the beatles mural

80smusiclover1 said …
"She's a drag. A well-known drag." Posted faz 4 dias
Rubyrings commented…
"You turn the sound down on her and say rude things" faz 3 dias
80smusiclover1 commented…
XD faz 3 dias
ktichenor commented…
I amor it when George is cheeky! He's so awesome! 💕💕 faz 2 dias
80smusiclover1 commented…
He truly is! faz 2 dias
Rubyrings said …
I just saw something that said one reason the Beatles were so popular was because they lasted much longer than most things did - but then it went on to say that Beatlemania lasted three years, ending in 1967! Is that true? Has Beatlemania actually been gone for fifty-one years? I thought it was still around today - look at us, there are still fã clubes for them and everything! Are we really living in a world without Beatlemania?? Posted faz 4 dias
80smusiclover1 commented…
No, we're not! Beatlemania has lasted even after the band broke up. It's still going on now! faz 4 dias
Rubyrings commented…
I wonder why people say things like that? It starts out like they're going to give the Beatles a compliment, and then they come out with something like this. :( faz 3 dias
80smusiclover1 commented…
Certainly! faz 2 dias
big smile
80smusiclover1 said …
"It's all in the mind, y'know!" Posted faz 14 dias
Rubyrings commented…
What better catchphrase for our beloved George Harrison? faz 13 dias
80smusiclover1 commented…
I know, right?! faz 13 dias
80smusiclover1 commented…
True that! faz 12 dias