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The fans pick: In Colour
The fans pick: George
The fans pick: Both Were Equally As Good
The fans pick: A Hard Day's Night
The fans pick: George
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ktichenor said …
Okay, please tell me if I'm overreacting. But I'm so tired of the jokes made on pinterest about George's eating habits! They're so mean! And who cares! Let him eat! He's normal! The man worked hard all day, he was always on the go, what was wrong with him grabbing a bite? I mean seriously!? Ugh!!! Posted faz 4 dias
Rubyrings commented…
I don't think they mean it bad - at least I hope not! But I can see why it would be tiresome after hearing too much about it. I never knew how much of what I heard about George's eating habits to believe - I figure it had to be exaggerated, but if it is true he really loved his comida and it's not just that there were a lot of pictures taken of him eating - well, nothing wrong with that! I like the thought of a fellow foodie in the Beatles. faz 4 dias
ktichenor commented…
Well, some jokes aren't that bad. I'm talking about the ones that are just horrid and immature. And I agree I like the thought of George being a foodie, too! I think that's really cool! faz 4 dias
80smusiclover1 commented…
Precisely! faz 3 dias
80smusiclover1 said …
This ano will mark the 50th anniversary of Abbey Road and the 55th anniversaries of A Hard Day's Night and Beatles For Sale. Posted faz 17 dias
Rubyrings commented…
Cool! When are the exact dates? I need them on my calendar so I don't miss them! faz 17 dias
80smusiclover1 commented…
All right. Here they are: Abbey Road - September 26, 1969, A Hard Day's Night - July 10, 1964, Beatles For Sale - December 4, 1964. faz 17 dias
ktichenor commented…
So awesome! I'll have my iPod ready with 'Beatle' bells on! 😎 faz 16 dias
Rubyrings commented…
Same! faz 16 dias
big smile
ktichenor said …
Forget the visions of Sugarplums, I want the Beatles dancing in my head natal Eve! 😍 Posted faz 1 mês
Rubyrings commented…
Oh, yes! And every dia after! faz 1 mês
ktichenor commented…
Yes! Yes! <3 <3 faz 1 mês
yorkshire_rose commented…
What a lovely thought ♥ faz 1 mês
80smusiclover1 commented…
Yeah, yeah, yeah! faz 29 dias