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The fans pick: Paul
The fans pick: Abbey Road
The fans pick: Help!
A Hard Day&# 39; s Night
The fans pick: George
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ktichenor said …
OMG! I had a teacher a few years atrás that swore she met George in 1963 when she was little. At first I thought she was mistaken but recently I read about George's first visit to America...and I think she might've been actually telling the truth! I'm freaking out, now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you imagine meeting George Harrison or any Beatle like that!? *sigh* Some people have all the luck! Posted faz 12 dias
80smusiclover1 commented…
Oh. My. God!!!! Your teacher is so lucky to have met George! Meeting him or any of the other Beatles would be one of the greatest events to happen in my life! *Squeals* faz 12 dias
ktichenor commented…
I know! God, what an opportunity of a lifetime! I think I would faint or scream in the poor man's ear (lol!) Either way it would be the happiest dia of my life! <3 <3 faz 12 dias
Rubyrings commented…
Not at all! faz 10 dias
buffy1920 said …
I grew up with the Beatles and amor them to death, George being my favorite. Miss him so much. Posted faz 26 dias
ktichenor commented…
Hi, welcome! George is my favorite, too and John! Miss those two so much. faz 26 dias
80smusiclover1 commented…
Me too. Welcome to the club! faz 26 dias
ktichenor commented…
You're welcome! We're glad you're here! :) faz 25 dias
ktichenor said …
I really hate it when people who claim to be 'friends' of the Beatles or they so called knew the Beatles and then they start composição literária books or telling blatant lies about them particularly about John and George. I mean why would you do that? If you're their friend or whatever why would you hurt them? That's so wrong! And sometimes these people never even knew the Beatles which makes it worse! How tacky! Posted faz 1 mês
80smusiclover1 commented…
I know, right?! What they're doing is just outright slander and character assasination. I hate it! 😠 faz 1 mês
ktichenor commented…
Exactly and it's mean and it's wrong! And those people should be sued! 😠 faz 1 mês
Lavendergolden commented…
For me everyone has an opinion, even I respect haters' opinion. But if the haters try to offend fãs or vice versa its not okay. faz 1 mês