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Comparison to the original movie  chubspeterson1 0 1151 over a year ago
Gerard a werewolf or something else?  Lollipopfop 0 2891 over a year ago
Kanima killing 24 yr olds...  Daenie 1 1433 over a year ago
Does anybody else think Stiles and Lydia will get together?  breebree446 10 10493 over a year ago
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Teen lobo Rare Shirt.  jon_spinink 0 1540 over a year ago
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will stiles find his luv??  Skater_Girl_1 0 1154 over a year ago
wut is wrong with lydia?!  Skater_Girl_1 0 1421 over a year ago
wut do u like in allison?  Skater_Girl_1 0 1537 over a year ago
Scott McCall (Tyler Posey fans)  jessicamy 1 6973 over a year ago
drama  Skater_Girl_1 1 731 over a year ago
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