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ShadowFan100 said …
Pluto is a planet, change my mind. Posted faz 3 meses
Karoii-chan commented…
It certainly is, but it's just a bit too small to be considered normal. That's why we call it a dwarf planet. Nothing more, nothing less! faz 1 mês
PsychoTeddy said …
I would amor to go to space! But, I'm hesitated if I'm going to be a psychiatrist or an astronaut. Posted over a year ago
BJsRealm commented…
Apparently our friend PsychoTeddy has left both fanpop & planet Earth. Let's hope he or she is an astronaut somewhere in space, discovering the unknown universe over a year ago
BJsRealm commented…
We definitely need mais astronauts. Too many psychiatrists on Earth anyway! over a year ago
DarkGirI27 said …
I wanna be a space-person o-o
Hello, World! Heh.Heh. Posted over a year ago