sonic, tails, knux, shadow, and silver arrived at the location that the footprints leaded to. they all went inside the place.

sonic: its dark in here. i barely see anything.

tails: good thing i brought my flashlight.

tails took it out and turned it on so they all are able to see. silver hear's honey's voice whispering somewhere.

silver: guys i hear her voice somewhere.

shadow: ya me too but, where is it coming from.

tails: i don't know shadow.

knux: oi silver, do you know her name.

silver: ya, i do know but, lets wait till we get to her.

they stop walking cause they hear a laugh.

???: ahahahaAHAHAHA!!!!!

Knuckles: what was tha.... oof!!

tails: knuckles!!! wahh!!!!

sonic: tails where are... ahhh!!!!

silver: huh how are.... shadow look out!!

shadow: for wha.... whoa!!!!

silvers was alone but all of his friends were captured.

silver: i need to find out who is doing this before honey and my friends are slaves. huh? shadow's chaos emerald. hmm.... chaos control.

he teleported to the right place and on time too.

scourge: glad you could make it silver the hedgehog.

silver: you!!! you'er behind all of this. why?

scourge: cause i'm just good at being bad, so i came up with this whole plan. if you brought your friends, i would kidnap them.

silver: where is my girlfriend and my friends at.

scourge: locked away in the dungeon, watching us right now.

silver: i wont let you get away with this scourge.

silver and scourge start to fight.

mean while in the dungeon.....

sonic, shadow, tails, and knuckles: oof!!!

honey: huh? shadow! what are you doing here and who are your friends.

shadow: we came to rescue you but we got kidnapped and that's sonic, tails, and knuckles.

honey: oh well hi everyone i'm honey the cat.

sonic: nice to meet you honey.

tails: um how are we gonna get out of here guys.

knuckles: i'm not sure how but...huh? guys look. its silver and scourge fighting.

they all look and see them on the screen fighting.

honey: silver's here too.

sonic: ya he came to save you too. we all just helped him but, he is fighting on his own now.

in the fight............

silver: oof!!! ugh.....

scourge: your a tough guy aren't ya.

silver was on the ground bleeding to death but he got up off the ground and stood there

silver: i'm not going to give up and never will until.............. HONEY IS SAFE!!!!!

Silver unleashed a huge attack on scourge and died. silver fell to the ground when his friends and honey were free and got teleported to him.

all: *gasp* silver!!!

they ran to silver

honey: silver...silver please wake up.

silver got up damaged.

silver: uh... honey you okay

honey: i'm fine but you okay.

silver: not really.

sonic: wow those two like each other don't they knuckles.

knux: ya it looks like it

shadow: lets get out of here.

honey: ya come on. race you two (sonic and shadow)

sonic: your on.

shadow: lets race.

they raced out while knuckles chaos controlled out with silver and tails.

Honey won the race, silver got healed, and scourge was defeated. this story is now a happy ending for silver but not for blaze who has chosen evil and will do anything to kill honey the cat to get silver the hedgehog back.

part 7 coming