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Stupid Reasons to Hate Silver  blazethekitty94 26 10725 over a year ago
Please be very careful when looking at Silver fanart and fanfiction  pinkarray 0 1554 over a year ago
Do you hate it when people tease Silver?  Silvaze_4_life 11 8686 over a year ago
Worlds Collide has the worst ending in all Sonic games  pinkarray 0 2093 over a year ago
Silver Is the most awesome character in the Sonic franchise!  Simonbob11 1 1513 over a year ago
We shouldn't hate on Silver!  alexischaos2004 1 374 over a year ago
DO YOU WANT A PART IN MY FANFICTION?  Sonicfan306444 0 600 over a year ago
My feelings for Silver  Kylelover1 1 2648 over a year ago
Why Silver is Cute,Awesome,and Cool  Kylelover1 0 1181 over a year ago
why silver is so cuite  madalyn101 0 897 over a year ago
I Bet You Don't Know...- Cencored Conversation  Shadowrednblack 11 1534 over a year ago
Why Silvaze??  blazethekitty94 7 1120 over a year ago
my silver,sonic,and shadow problem  darksilver 3 1118 over a year ago
oi  Silvaze_4_life 4 739 over a year ago
My Obsession  blazethekitty94 2 750 over a year ago
When You Pair Her With Everyone...  blazethekitty94 3 641 over a year ago
a pergunta for everyone  ShadowFangrl 34 2503 over a year ago
Silver should be on sonic X!  Gabi-Hedgeh0g 18 3457 over a year ago
Crystal the keeper  crystalstream 0 622 over a year ago
musiclover's Club list  musiclover2015 0 545 over a year ago
KnuxEchidna's roleplay  ShadowFangrl 2 426 over a year ago
SilverHedgeh0g and darksilver...  FireKitty101 45 1652 over a year ago
Umm... hello there.  SilverHedgeh0g 83 3210 over a year ago
Hiya! -Blaze the Cat  -BlazeTheCat- 0 742 over a year ago
Hi, Im Gabi! I'm new. I LIKE PIE!  Gabi-Hedgeh0g 12 526 over a year ago
Sorry...  SilverHedgeh0g 5 631 over a year ago
oi Blaze!  darksilver 10 485 over a year ago
Hi, I'm new to fanpop, does anyone want to be friends?  Koura101 8 657 over a year ago
oi Silver!  FireKitty101 14 333 over a year ago
I'm lonly  darksilver 3 331 over a year ago
SORREH PPLZ! >Iblis  Iblis_ 8 373 over a year ago
Heeeey people! >Iblis  Iblis_ 9 389 over a year ago
wikispaces  silverstrike99 0 386 over a year ago
why the fuck do ppl hate me  darkness23 8 796 over a year ago
stop bashing on silver!!!  pyscosilver 5 840 over a year ago
The Sonic gang Club  Flana_hedgehog 1 1034 over a year ago
Silver the Hedgehog  xfallen_angelx 11 1117 over a year ago
E-123 Omega  shadow360 0 221 over a year ago
Burningblaze31  Vela-Nova 1 547 over a year ago