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Shadow And Silver pizza Hut Adventure

topo, início 11 Stupid Excuses to Hate Silver The Hedgehog

Silver takes a bath

Nya nya dance

Silver sings in Spaganoia

Silver got to go...

Silver sings "You spin my head right 'round"

Silver Mod Sonic Generations

Silver's silly dance

Silver is not gay!

Silver the hedgehog: The Movie

Silver says

Silver reveals his homosexuality

Silver x Twilight Sparkle 7ever

Another sparta remix por Silver


Silver's Adventure

[SFM] Silver and Shadow - Maria [HD]

Silver's theme (my own mix)

Dreams of an absolution(2014 ver.)

Dreams of an Absolution (Acoustic Version)

Dreams of An Absolution(2011Ver.)

Sonic VS Silver Punchy Editon

YTP Shadow VS Silver

Silver gets beat up xD

Silver Tribute

Silver Fights Back

Shadow The Hedgehog Can Smile

Shadow and Silver watch Five Sonic Generations Trailers

Silver The Hedgehog-Fireflies

Silver The Hedgehog can fly?!

Dreams of An Absolution K-Blub Remix ((Just Beautiful))

silver the hedgehog in my gmod {funny present to magic}

Silvers Theme Song

Silver the Hedgehog - Dreams of an Absolution LB vs JS Remix

ilver the hedgehog-year 3000

Silver The Hedgehog Funnies 2

How to draw Silver the hedgehog

Speed drawing Silver the Hedgehog

A Tribute To Silver The Hedgehog

Dreams of an Absolution Remix

Dreams of an Absolution (Silvers Theme Song)

Silver burns down the mansion

Dream of an Absolution~Nightlight Version~

Silver unleashed part 3

Silver unleashed part 2

Silver unleashed part 1

hilarious, just watch

Silver the hedgehog Tribute

Silv Dance (Extended Version)

Silver Gots A Hula Hoop

Silver Tells Sonic Off

Silver is TOO white and nerdy.



Silver and Blaze's new voices in Sonic free riders

Silver in Sonic Free Riders

Silver and Shadow 3-D

Untill the dia Silver dies

Silver and shadow funny vid XD

When Silver Gets Bored

mephiles roubou silvers news paper- Sprite version

Dreams of an Absolution esquilo Version

Sonic´s Nightmare($eG@)


silver the hedgehog tribute

Silvers pretty fly

RANDOM: hotel california

Silver the hedgehog- It's my life

silvers never ending dream

dreams of an absolution violão, guitarra hero

Silver the hedgehog

Shinji Is The Iblis Trigger!?

Silver VS Shadow

silly songs with silver

Silver Dreams Of An Absloution ( Lyrics)

Silver, Thanks For the Memories

Silver-Dreams of an absolution

Dreams of an Absolution (K-Klub remix)

Dreams of an Absolution (Nightlight remix)

Silver the Hedgehog: Dreams of an Absolution