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arte dos fãs
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Alove poem
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posted by Attirox2
I can see your tears
Even though your eyes don't even water
I can feel your pain
Even if you never said your coração hurts like spears
Are pushing deeper and deeper making you cry
On the inside where nobody can judge you
Where fields are green and skies are finally blue
And nobody ever will lie
If you were mine
That would be reality but you can't see that yet

I will help you if you let me

I know you've been hurt
And you can't see you're amazing in your mind
But I would if you'd let me
Because you're special to me in every way
I'll wipe the tears from your eyes
You'll see I'm the one and amazingly
I've been here the whole time
posted by manjusang
Every Seasons has it's time to ENDS
Every Ages has the time to lasted
but how does amor will be????

If this pain Will passed then over me,will you be there and hugs me????

If this feelings too good to be true,Will you Lies to me that you just Playing??

Said it to my Heart,please
Said it aloud until I can Definitely understand what I've been trough
Because I'm LOST

After long journey I take to finds the Meanings
I finally found nothing inside it
because there's Nothing when it passed por then after all

Passions passed
Live leaves
and i still watched your back here and can't say noting but a smile

i'm not gonna make tears with you,because I Know sometimes you don't care WHY ,,,,
and I ca'n find HOW to make you understands

When the times come
time that makes me passed it over me
i will Smile
i ain't gonna make Tears
because I know

Even tears CAN'T make you come back
posted by Insight357
Revealed when called upon
Permitting the dagger to
Deliver steely truths
Who does it hurt the most,
The victim or the killer?
Sacrificed knowledge comes with damnation
You’ll be in hell before knowing this
Blessed por curiosity
Cursed with wicked hate

Speaking words shaper than glass
Not cushions to lay upon
Take the cruelty and use it for your benefit
Or shun the blinded wisdom
Refuse to accept any of the words
Too much experience for fifteen
Too much madness from simply looking
Deny this as you always have
Repetition will be my death
In a vain attempt
Prayer for an ear
A privilege of being a friend
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posted by Hi-Lo
To My Love, I hate to amor you but i dont amor to hate you, you touch my hand and tell me you need me but then in a moments notice you push me aside and tell me to go, you make me a hundred feet tall then one foot small, your soft smile i shall allways hold but your words of sharp glass i dare to take but to stumble at the hurdle i needed to pass the most will forever haunt me im sorry my dear anna for ever letting you go but i shall never be sorry for loving you, holding your hand feeling a spark looking in your eyes and seeing only magic i shall never be sorry for that never
posted by Gothheart13
Like that person with all your heart,
its not dark.

Over hatetred,
never be betraded.

Very loving,
really touching.

Everyone loves another,
we will be always together.

amor is importent to others,
even sister and brothers.
Their is no hatetred,
no body is hated.
rosas bloom,
they grew.
Tears and blood,
there is a ton.
Nightmare dosent scare,
its always fair.
No one can show fear,
not even near.
Memories can bring pain,
that problem is main.

posted by Persephone16
You go through life
Trying to succeed
Trying to fit in
Trying to be happy
Trying with all your coração to get someone to amor you
But this show you’re putting up
This façade you’re keeping
It’s all a game

When I look at the world
I see the hunger, the poverty
The war, and the violence
Within it all
It’s hard to find the good
All what brings us joy

But then I look at the people
Who spend they’re lives
Attempting to change the world
Make it better
See all the things that life has to offer
A estrela in the middle of a black whole

It’s at that time that I think
Maybe life is worth living
If you stay true to yourself
And all you believe in

Sure it can be hell
But you’ve got to push through
Maybe happiness isn’t all it’s told to be
But you need to keep moving forward

So didn’t give up
And neither will I
And maybe, just maybe
We’ll all see our lives
As a life worth living
posted by HouseMindFreak
As night falls
All creatures of the Earth fall to a slumber
Visions of magic, laughter and sorrow fill the dreamland
The mind gives you freedom...
Places you've never been
Strange worlds that you create
What a joy to dream!

But dreams can bring sadness and sorrow...
Death can plague the mind
Torture and fear
Monsters will come to play
Games that are not for pleasure

But...what it is a dream within a dream?
You're asleep but awake
Can't escape!
The world is upside down but changes
To your command
You will be here forever?
Would you want to stay in this world?
Never grow old but only you exist

To live in the dreamland or wake up
And go on living in the awaken world
Both are filled with nightmares and happiness
Which one?
There's an old doll

Once loved. Once cherished. Once adored. She is now old. Now tattered. Now left alone. Now sad. Yet,she has a permant smile,thinking of her past. Once loved. Once cherised. Once adored.
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posted by manjusang
First that we've argue...
U seems to take it away
as it never happened..

and i Don'T Know Why
U told me that story
need time to be alone
I believe..that u'll be honest

Hugs u the segundo way we met
Fells like strange..
what's wrong...?
u tell 'nothing'
But I fell It...
U LIE...
And I keep Quite

Why Did U do This To me?
What For?

Everytime u Lie,
I just CAn't Say Nothing But smile
How amor sealed My Mouth Then MAke Me Numb
How Honest Make me always give u another Chances

But Betrayed on My Back..
posted by irena83
The black rose
describes him best.
just like his world is.
just like his eyes.
And yet,
you should take a good look
before you touch it.

You may be hurt
if you don’t watch closely.
Rose is so gentle,
isn’t it?
So be careful,
you might be hurt.

Careful what you wish,
think twice first.
The petals are so soft
and sensitive,
you should know what
you’re indulge.

The black rose is apart,
she’s unique,
just like he is...
Nobody can see
the world he created.

He’s fearless,
but he feels.
He’s cold,
but he listens.
He’s mysterious,
but caring.
He understands,
but no longer cares.
He’s empty,
but awake.
He’s lonely,
but he knows...

Without a goal
you don’t live,
you just watch
your life fading,
without amor
you’re so empty,
without understanding,
you’re still there,
in the world of your own.
posted by HouseMindFreak
I didn't write this poem, a friend of mine wrote it...Its my favorito of hers so if you guys like it leave a nice comment and I'll tell her what you think.:)

When October Comes...

When October comes, as the autmn air breezes, passing through my body

When October comes, the trees are darker, the leaves are deader

When October comes the air I breathe is Frozen - Uma Aventura Congelante in fear

I sit and watch all of the changes, as I myself changes.

My mood feels happy, but darker at the same time

Snow is too scared to linger on the mês where the moon and night are darker than ever.

I balanço on my swingset, as Jack and Sally...
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posted by whitelion
when did i see anjos cry
i saw an angel cry when
a poor man asked for help
but was denied

I saw an angel cry
when a apaixonados coração
was broken
and devoured por despair

i saw an angel cry
when two best friends
had a fight, said unnecessary words
and didn't talk for a couple of weeks

i saw an angel cry when
a husband and a wife kept secrets
from each other
thinking no one will know, no one will get hurt

but you see their tears
are not like the tears
that you and i
sometimes cry

their tears are much
more bitter
each tear is stained
with a grief that pierces their hearts

because they saw what
we could of been
what we...
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posted by tayandkris4evr
As I sprint through the hall, he follows.
As my heels clack against the marble floor, he follows.
As my breath comes faster, he follows.
As I turn around slowly, I continue to run, he follows.

He is close to me now, he whispers my name.
He breathes heavily, and laughs maniaclly.
He stomps against the floor, harder, as he reaches for his pocket.
He smiles, small, straight white teeth gleam with insanity.

I begin to slow, my ribs are burning, my muscles ache, my mind is spinning, my eyes are crying...
He embraces me softly, gently, lovingly.
I tense, my muscles can't take much more, he's too strong, I'm too weak.
His grip tightens now, as he holds a switch blade to my throat, he begins to cry.
I also begin to cry, as his grip loosens, I fall to the marble floor, still sobbing.
He also falls, still sobbing, he drops the blade, and screams.