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Source: Sylvie
arte dos fãs
As we grow up we leave behind the simple things... what would the world be if we just stayed in our lala land of childhood?

When do wobbley steps turn in to fearless sprints? How is it that our mothers kisses lose their powers when you need them most? When does a modest squart turn in to a slutty skirt? At what point does sparkely eyeshadow fill in for water colours? And eye liner replaces markers? When did roupa íntima, roupa interior turn in to lacey panties? Why must holding hand with a friend mean something more? At what age are we when rain boots get tossed aside for hooker boots? When did "I amor you mommy" turn in to screams of hatred for the woman who raised you? Why must our evil story book witches come alive as mean, self-centered bitches? How is it possible that some were in our lives we stopped drawing and making coração and started to break and mend others hearts? Why must songs of joy and fun turn in to to raps of hate and pain?
posted by juicyjossy9
There is certain bliss about the darkness; that light only brings to clarify things we would have preferred not to see, forever engulfed in the darkness of our own ignorance. It’s a spark once ignited, it never completely loses its heat and fades away into the air. Dime as it may glow, how short of a distance its light travels, nonetheless, it shines. Such is the heat of curiosity. It’s the tide that carries us away from the land of the self onto the uncharted world beyond the boundary of reason. You can never go back to the land you left behind or else you will return a stranger in...
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posted by irena83
I can't smile,
i can't think,
my mind is poisoned,
my mind is trapped...

So many thoughts,
the fear is coming,
it's waiting.

How strong are you to
how weak are you to

Don't find me,
i'd rather stay here,
so far away from
your ruthlessness.

Tears of despair
are calling your name,
and you want to drag
me there...

The way you possess me
is so cruel,
why don't you leave me alone?

I'm not like the others,
they might be stronger
or weaker,
it depends how you
see it.

The darkness is all over,
poisoning my mind,
the fear is itching,
it's everywhere,
won't go away!

It stains my soul,
i'm shaking,
despair won't let me.

So many thoughts,
but nothing's resolved
it's just fear
holding me,
hauling me deeper
into its ruthlessness.

I don't want this,
so be gone,
you live inside me,
but you don't know.

Tears of despair
are calling your name,
they want to drive you away,
so i could feel safe,
so i could be far away,
so far of your ruthlessness.
posted by juicyjossy9
Wait on the sunset
mover through your day
This quiet o espaço that you fill

Here por a dark moon
Filled up from the rain in my eyes
My fingers are cold on your skin

Dream me away
Before the night becomes day
You'll see it all come true

This water is deep
You go to sleep
And silently
Dream me away

I have a picture
It rests in my hand
I opened my window tonight

I have a feeling
It will be okay
My senses will guide me through

I'll dream us away
Before the night becomes day
I'll see it all come true

This water is deep
We’ll go to sleep
And silently dream us away

And silently dream
And silently
posted by HouseMindFreak
A cold fog floats among the meadow
The moon above, full and bright, casts an eerie glow among the mist.

A gentle midnight breeze whistles through the winter trees
Waving ridgedly to the winter rhythm
The ground is hard from the freeze, the dirt cruches under your feet

In the distance a lobo howls, its haunting voice pierces your soul
The ghosts of the forest creep from the trees
Their cold embrace freezes you to your core

Desperate to escape you look into the shadows of the forest
A light in the distance softly shines, beckoning you to cadastrar-se it.

You run, ignoring the distorted screaming faces from the trees, desperate to reach the comforting light.

You finally come to it, the light is bright, warm and welcoming
As you get closer it engulfs you, sucking you into its protective glow

Soon you emerge into a different world but it is the same from where you came

A mirror world...
Darkness to Light...
posted by HouseMindFreak
Once again, another one of my short yet dark poems...
I hope I don't cause any depression to anyone!
*NOTE* I am planning on composição literária a mais spiritual poem


My life is controlled and I'll never know what its like to be free

I will never get out of this hole of sorrow and I will become burdened with a lifeless soul

I dont believe anything will change as I stay captive like an animal in its cage

The rage of my misery will never see the dia of freedom even though I long to fly above the trees to get away

But how can I if I am a prisoner?
posted by HouseMindFreak
I wasn't sure if I wanted to post this poem because it is quite personal but I figured why not...


Are you my brother or are you a vicious stranger?
How could you stand there and look at my innocent young face with such disgrace and treat me as if I was just trash to be thrown away?

You wear a mask of sweetness but I know what lies behind that fake gentle face you portray nothing but lies and hate...

dia after dia you throw your hand at me and then return for my forgiveness but now I am through with you...

No longer will I take your wrath of cruelty and you will see what a better person I have become after living in your world of misery

While you will sink further into your wretched world I will rise higher...away from you
I give you these verses so that if my name,
A vessel favored por a strong north wind,
Fortunately reaches the distant future's shore,
And some night sets the minds of men to dreaming,

Your memory, like fables shrouded in the past,
Will weary the reader like a dulcimer,
And por a mystical, brotherly bond
Remain suspended from my haughty verse;

Accurst being to whom, from the deep abysm
To the highest heaven, nothing responds, save me!
— O you who, like an ephemeral ghost,

Trample lightly and with a serene look
Upon the dull mortals who found you repugnant,
Jet eyed statue, tall angel with a brow of bronze!...
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posted by irena83
Nameless fear
At the core
Of my wounded heart,
These tears
Of my amargo, amarga decline.
I reach to touch
Your atrocity
Once again,
Feeding this nameless fear
That pervade my weakened body;
Elaborating agitation
As intense as
Masochistic orgasm;
Pulling me down
Into my deepest despair,
With those eyes of pure lust
You make me kneel
Before ominous desires of thine,
Lurking this prey
Before your very eyes,
As gentle as
Incoming dawn;
Burning at my torrid skin,
You would amor to
Tear me open,
Leaving me down
With my bleeding heart,
You walk away
For aye vile.
posted by BlackPetals
(I'm just gonna put this here...)

The borboleta on my wrist
Gave me a goodbye kiss.
I broke my promises
And now look at this.

Tonight I'll stay up late.
Four AM, still awake.
With my smiles so fake,
This will make her coração break.

I know that I'm loved.
I always return your hugs,
But my thoughts are like thugs,
And the razor my drug.

This isn't the last time,
And I will pay for my crimes,
I'll pay for each self-made line,
But keep saying that I'm fine.

So tonight I'll sit and think.
From bitterness I will drink.
With the fading wounds pink,
And stains filling the sink.

If you promise to stay,
Don't leave me or push me away,
Then I promise to try.
I promise to not die.

I'll slow down just for you.
Because of all the things that you do.
I will try to stop bleeding
If you say "I amor you" like you mean it.
posted by eyebello
Once upon a time,
The beginning of all stories,
But this is not a story,
So once upon a life,

I saw a young and beautiful woman
Who wears a golden face,
And she has a shining smile
One stair at her & my coração gets stolen,

I tried to stay away but I was blinded with only her image.
The image has your reflections, which makes me feel so free.

Pretending to know the future but yet the faith is endless.
As she turned n looked at me she became the deepest feeling.
I went to ask her name, and then I found it was you.
Poem por Emily Dickinson. Kinetic Typography por tl794
kinetic typography
emily dickinson
added by moodystuff449
Source: i wrote this.....
On this lonely road
I let my thoughts to fly
with this calm wind
and my warm tears drip fast,
Too fast as my coração is yet calm...

This burden I have carried
For so long,
Now all I need is to be free,
To see sunny days with whole
its brightness,
Its calmness.

The path is still muddy
And wind still blows,
Playing this symphony for the
Lame's ones,
For the ones whose voices no one hears.

I was born to be the queen
Of sorrow,
To hate the ones who are like me,
To lament infinitely
With this loneliness and questions
That grieve my tormented soul.

My days,
Filled with the same amargo, amarga past
Enter deep into my mind,
Screaming and sobbing
In this dark room inside my brain
Where only God sees
the storm and mud and weeds of
My darkened thoughts.

I fear to travel there,
Inside my darkness and woe,
I fear to go back there,
I'd rather find some shell to
Run away,
Run away from myself.
posted by Caleigh210
At the end of the day
The only thing I can do is pray
When the loneliness finally breaks me
There's no one there to see me
Lying in pieces rejected
No one calling no light being reflected
And the cold starts to seep through my skin
My hope dies because no one's here to listen

All the reasons why I am falling apart
Why I have nothing else but my heart
Is because all the amor ran dry
All this amor ran dry
Why I believe I'm not a work of art
The reasons to why I just gave up
When I needed you most you left me
Alone and miserably broken

My days are pitch black
But no one cares enough to change that
I fell into this...
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posted by Caleigh210
A broken heart, fake remedies
With eyes shut I can't scream
Emptiness, lost dreams
Fake love, dying hope
Trying to find the right road
All alone, in this cold

I lie wide awake and I try
To see clearly with my eyes
Can't seem to clear my mind, I can't decide
Why all this is going so fast
Remembering all of my past
And I want to cast
It all outside my memories
Cause I can't hold it all in my hands
And it ruins all my plans
I just want to go to sleep tonight
To believe that it's all alright
That someday I'll see the light
But all these lies die
Life, please rewind
LIfe, please rewind

Dark days, all in grey
People with...
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posted by Caleigh210
I admit it's just a dream
But it actually really did seem
Like you felt the same as I did
Though it turns out I was just blinded

I tried and I tried to be mais careful
The last time I fell I was really hopeful
Yet he didn't catch me
It was too late to do something with what I see

Time and time again I relive my mistakes
Mindlessly falling trying to erase
My past my wounds the cuts deep within
Trust me I know that I'm pathetically trying

You waltzed into my life with your big blue eyes
And successfully got me mesmerized
Playing my mind games and etched yourself in my mind
Dammit I knew I was falling harder...
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posted by Rue24
 Airs Above The Ground
Airs Above The Ground
Theres beauty in his native world
Where broad-winged eagles fly.
The fences that encircle him
Are Mountains, stream and sky.
There's beauty in his regal heart
And in his gentle face,
And in the swiftness that combines
Such power, poise, and grace.
There's beauty in his noble stance
For it will always be
A part of all that untamed land

Credit to Herrmans Royal Lippizans Mayaka City,Florida

This was painted on the mural of their celeiro
i really applied to the Lippizans they had there
posted by SaturdaySurpris
I can´t take this anymore. Where ever I look, there they are. My hopes shattered to pieces. People walk around, looking progressivo, para a frente for their activities. I won´t even think about trying something new. Everything I do just fails, so why should I try, try again to succeed? I just end up on the floor again, humiliating myself.
I tried to do something, something only I can do. But then someone comes along, with that talent. I become excited and take him as my image. But what began as fiery passions, ends up in heart-broken pictures, floating away with the wind. Nothing works out, everything is slipping...
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posted by arcticflake
What do you do
when your strings are snapped
your roots detatched
your vesel cracked?

When you're filled with anger
Fear and hate?
And there's so much water
that you sink?

Or when the metaphors
you thought applied is bent
or worse, snapped

The word jumbles
The thoughts collide
Until you just cry

What do you do then?
When your life is in pieces?
And people can see the real you

Will it kill you?
Knowing your carefully crafted wall
has tumbled
chunks of ruble flying everywhere

That ruble kills, so you stay away
killing yourself
All you've known