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9 Reasons To Be A Writer por Josh Healey via FilmCourage.com.
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posted by Sasunaru120
You never know what you have until you lose it, and once you lose it, you can never get it back.

My coração was taken por you... broken por you... and now it is in pieces because of you.

Love is like falling down... in the end you're left hurt, scarred, and with a memory of it forever.

You're the one who broke my heart, you're the reason my world fell apart, you're the one who made me cry, yet I'm still in amor with you and I don't know why.

A million words would not bring you back, I know because I've tried, neither would a million tears, I know I've cried.

Wanting him is hard to forget, loving him...
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Shelby Gray
Essay #3
    Darkness creeps it's way into everyone's mind at a certain point in thier lives. It
worms into the mind without a sound and slowly, over time, grasps at the coração until,
from the very depths of the dark underworld, it completely ensnares it. Edgar Allen Poe,
an eighteenth centry poet and writer of short stories , displayed many signs of that very
same darkness. The encounters in his mind were often of lingering evil, life after death,
torture, and other unspeakable horrors. One piece of this madman's work, in paticular,
caught the attention...
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posted by irena83
Inside the darkness of my tortured mind
I see a lifelless body
Covered with blood
As I run to hold it tight
I see myself
As tears run over my cheeks
And while the whole body is trembling
My mind is looking for a justification
In loathing and despite:
Oh, what did I achieve,
What have I become?
Living por the someone elses rules
Deprived of my one desires,
Just a shadow in this world
Where its beauty has never been shown
To my sad eyes.
But, is this the only exit of my amargo, amarga existence,
Is this the way to end this resident pain?
And in the darkness of my mind
Tears run over my cheeks
Asking why,
Why rain never stops,
Why sun never shines
In my eyes,
Deadness is sleeping in its depravity
And I know that I don't belong
To this world,
I'm living in my own,
Living on my own.
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Source: me
posted by irena83
In this room of despair,
A man is sitting with demons
Inside his head.
In this room of memories,
Only death breathes,
A man lives with gloom,
A man dies with sadness.

Inside his eyes ,
In that depth of blue terror,
Years of despair are seen,
Years of struggle are painted.

His life,
Cruel and lonely,
Was never a joy,
amargo, amarga and sad
This man lives with demons
Of past.

I can see the pain that
Is painted on his face,
Silhouettes of past that
Play this música of terror,
I see only darkness and despair
Inside the eyes of a sad man.
This sadness is mine too,
This poem is written por the curse of
The children who will never meet happiness,
This poem is a poem of a sad man,
A man who sees nothing but greys.
posted by irena83
Cover your face,
the others won't see your tears;
Cover your eyes,
that's what you've been doing
for a very long time.

Why are we sad,
why are we disappointed?

We spend hours and days
in a shelter that
our mind created.

We believe that's the seguro place.
The place where we can buy
some peace for our soul,
place where we collect all
those lies and shame,
that keep itching us.

Have we ever truly tried
to understand?
Haven't we asked "why" for
too many times?
Have we ever seen the things
in the way they really are
not in the way they seem for us?

Blinded eyes mean
a broken heart.
Sadness is a part of
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posted by Odyssee
Hi there fellow poesia enthousiasts.

Here is a Poem I have written not to long ago.

Please tell me thoughts on it, especially on what part I could improve somewhat.

Thanks beforehand, and enjoy reading.

Olympus has Fallen.

As the titans forged the world.
A nova of light, hurled.
Like a hammer on anvil striking
Sea and Sand, dividing.

Onward the first dawn of light,
A terrace arose to godly height.
Mount olympus this day, born.
The gods to Titans in loyalty, sworn.

Also to the world introduced.
Flora and Fauna, which the gods amused.
One race destined to evolve.
To send prayers, to gods below and...
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posted by bloomprinceton
This valentine ill try something new,
a very SPECIAL recipe invented just for you,

a touch of pain in a little glass flask,
with a little bit of hatred if you might ask,

shake the mixture with a bit of your crocodilo tears,
and dont forget your fake smiles tht fooled me for years,

CHOP my letters and burn my picture,
now heat this at about 30 degree celceius

now add the grief the dia u left me in tears,
then heat in that lonely amargo, amarga mixture with how i barely slept tht day,

now let's get to the topping that's my favorito part,
ADD what's left from my stabbed,crushed heart....
posted by MythGal
My world fades into the background,
and I see all my memories,
everything I've done,
all the things I tried to forget,

All my world faults,
everything I did wrong,
all those I hurt,
all the dreams I destroyed,
and all the terrible things I said,

My world fades away,
and all that's left,
is my terrible life,
the forest of everything I did wrong,
the dark, dark forest,

Wake up!

The devil shows you the bad things,
but the Lord shows you all the good things,
He forgives the bad,
forgets it,
and never mentions it,
He shows you the good thing,
the beautiful field,
full of flowers,
bright and perfect,

My world fade away,
and all that is left,
is the beauty of the Lord.
posted by stellie
I wrote this when I was still figuring out who I am and when I was clearly lost, about 2 years ago. Here goes:
Fake friends
I'm tired of pretending
That I'm always happy
When I'm some times

I've got fake friends
Who call themselves
My friends
When they're NOT!

Friends are true,
They don't lie,
They don't pretend
And they're there 4 u.

My friends aren't true,
They do lie,
They pretend every day
And they aren't there 4 me.

How can 1 be happy
When they're pretending
And hiding
From reality.

No 1 is gonna kill u
When u stop pretending
They'll have 2 except u
As u'll have 2 except them.

I know it will be hard
2 turn...
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