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New Spot Icon/Banner Submissions!  misanthrope86 50 2584 over a year ago
Searching For Fanfiction  sapphire_eyes 1 970 over a year ago
Why should the they be together?  princess_16 2 1155 over a year ago
favorito Hameron frases  midnyte007 14 1972 over a year ago
What the Actors think of Hameron?  Fur3v3r_18 1 1290 over a year ago
Can we reach 600 fans???  Evrythingmaters 9 553 over a year ago
Hameron fã Survey!  misanthrope86 12 1241 over a year ago
please read all Hameron shippers  Paramore-CSI 2 802 over a year ago
How many hamerons are...?  HouseCam379 6 675 over a year ago
Hameron fãs unite, we won't let our ship go down just like that!!!  greghouseismine 6 664 over a year ago
Can we reach 500 fans?  Evrythingmaters 31 988 over a year ago
FanFiction Contest (Curently Canceled 'cause No one Signed in!!)  miss_orange 6 448 over a year ago
FIGHT-FOR-HAMERON-CAMPAIGN!  Claudi27 3 876 over a year ago
Hameron party!  amberRocks 165 4201 over a year ago
Events In The Houscam Spot  miss_orange 23 877 over a year ago
Senarios to ruin the Chameron Wedding!  miss_orange 12 695 over a year ago
Please don't kill me!!!  huddysmacked 8 371 over a year ago
Please to all the nice and SANE Hamerons.  Fabouluz 4 483 over a year ago
-  amberRocks 8 821 over a year ago
My thoughts on Hameron...  RP_Puzzle 2 755 over a year ago
Chameron wedding????  lizzie_jo5 6 310 over a year ago
Saviours visualização  lizzie_jo5 6 559 over a year ago
7 things.  miss_orange 5 430 over a year ago
Can we reach 400 fans?  amberRocks 95 1841 over a year ago
Contest made for You!  house_whatelse 26 717 over a year ago
I`m a Deticated Fan!!! :D  Mouraki 6 242 over a year ago
hope?  HouseFreak 1 333 over a year ago
Perhaps some Hameron shipping?  misanthrope86 21 579 over a year ago
I hate strawberries!  amberRocks 8 461 over a year ago
Banner and icon!  amberRocks 20 265 over a year ago
Hameron forever!!!  rose2 13 819 over a year ago
Exclusive "Grapes" club!  amberRocks 12 276 over a year ago
Can we reach 300 fans?  amberRocks 53 964 over a year ago
I really amor hameron!  amberRocks 3 388 over a year ago
not an other F**KING thustay!!  miss_orange 17 451 over a year ago
Discussion about the new spoiler!  amberRocks 66 1567 over a year ago
Why do you amor House and Cameron?  Chlarkfan 4 688 over a year ago
Playful Cameron!  HouseFreak 0 530 over a year ago