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Hyori143 said …
Hello Posted faz 2 meses
Syarah26 commented…
oi ! faz 1 mês
What is your Bias Ranking? Mine is:

1. Yoona
2. Taeyeon
3. Jessica
4. Yuri
5. Sunny
6. Sooyoung
7. Seohyun
8. Hyoyeon
9. Tiffany Posted faz 7 meses
Jinzizukisoo122 commented…
Mine is 1. Hyoyeon 2.Jessica 3.Seohyun 4.Taeyeon 5.Yuri 6.Yoona 7.Tiffany 8.Sunny 9.Sooyoung faz 7 meses
aeiras commented…
Mine: 1. Taeyeon 2.Jessica 3.Yoona 4.Seohyun 5.Hyoyeon 6.Sooyoung 7.Yuri 8.Sunny 9.Tiffany faz 3 meses
dianan02 commented…
mine: 1. Jessica 2. Yoona 3. Seohyun 4. Hyoyeon 5. Taeyeon 6. Sooyoung 7. Yuri 8. sunny 9. Tiffany faz 1 mês
demmah said …
To motivate Sones, here are important dates before the
ano ends:

Nov. 26 - SNSD on Web TV Asia
Awards 2016 (Mass Streaming: 100k

Dec. 5 - Kwon Yuri's 28th Birthday!
(Mass Streaming: 100k views)
Please promote OH MV if you want SNSD to be the first kpop group to reach
5MVs with 100M.

Copy and Paste.

credits: My Life Is A Beauty Posted faz 9 meses