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Robert & Giselle - If You're Not The One - encantada

Robert and Giselle - Mine

encantada to Meet You { Giselle & Robert }

encantada (giselle/robert) ● today was a fairytale

Robert & Giselle | I found amor

encantada | you light up the sky [Giselle/Robert]

encantada || Giselle & Robert || I Still Believe

Giselle live - her superfan at disney' s magic kingdom

Giselle full movie - encantada 1

James Marsden Interview about encantada

encantada Soundtrack - True Love's kiss [HQ]

encantada Soundtrack - Storybook Ending [HQ]

encantada Soundtrack - Girls Go Shopping [HQ]

encantada Soundtrack - Robert Says Goodbye [HQ]

encantada Soundtrack - Andalasia [HQ]

encantada Soundtrack - Prince Edward's procurar [HQ]

encantada Soundtrack - Narissa Arrives [HQ]

encantada Soundtrack - Nathaniel & Pip [HQ]

encantada Soundtrack - So Close [HQ]

encantada Soundtrack - Into The Well [HQ]

encantada Soundtrack - Happy Working Song [HQ]

encantada Soundtrack - That's Amore [HQ]

encantada Soundtrack - encantada Suite [HQ]

encantada Soundtrack - That's How You Know [HQ]

encantada Soundtrack - Ever Ever After [HQ]


Ever Ever After encantada música Video

When will Giselle's life begin

I see the light(Giselle & Robert)Enchanted

Making of 'A Blast At The Ball' from the movie 'Enchanted'

Making of 'Happy Working Song' from the movie 'Enchanted'

Making of 'That's How You Know' from the movie 'Enchanted'

encantada l Behind-the-Scenes Featurette "Legacy"

encantada - cantar In The Park

encantada - Happy Working Song (clip)

The música of encantada with Amy Adams

My Deleted Scene from "Enchanted"

encantada vs. The Little Mermaid (comparisons)

encantada - Deleted Scenes (High Quality)

encantada - Deleted Scene

encantada - Amy Adams 'angry' scene (HD)

encantada - Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey kiss scene 2 (HD)

encantada end scene

encantada kiss

encantada - Robert and Giselle dance

encantada Movie Trailer

So Close - Jon McLaughlin. ♥


Ever Ever After: On the piano

Amy Adams - James Marsden

Ever Ever After

ever ever after

True amor

So Close(a video made por me LisaForde)

Today is a fairytale

Here in my arms(Robert&Giselle)


So Close(Enchanted)


Never had a dream come true

Enchanted;So Close

Teriffied (Giselle&Robert)

Movie T4 Special encantada

Thats what girls do-Enchanted

So Close

Enchanted-Love Story

I gotta feeling:Enchanted

Come D'Incanto

Come D'Incanto


Robert & Giselle

encantada fã vid

Cosi vinci

encantada - So close, russian version - Alexandr Panayotov -

True Loves kiss

Long version of the encantada Suite

James Marsden: interview

Amy Adams : Answering perguntas on disney

Real Life Fairytale // Robert & Giselle (Enchanted)

A Thousand miles:Enchanted

So Close : encantada Ballroom Scene

encantada Happy Working Song Lyrics

true loves kiss lyrics!

ever ever after + lyrics!!

encantada ~ Thats How You Know + Lyrics

dempsey encantada interview


Disney's encantada - "Happy Working Song" (Actual Footage)

encantada - That's How You Know (HQ Audio)

Disney's encantada - "True Love's Kiss" (Actual Footage)

Accidentally in Love-- encantada

It just... Never Happened Before, an encantada vid.

True Love's kiss (reprise ) Multilanguage

encantada "So this is love"

encantada - amor Story

I'll Try (Enchanted-Robert)

Best Moments of Robert and Giselle (Enchanted).

encantada - The walk

Far Away - encantada

encantada "so close"