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Countdown to 6000 fãs  cynti19 10 1530 over a year ago
If I could change anything in encantada then its this  LisaForde 1 2002 over a year ago
James Marsden VS Patrick Dempsey  LisaForde 0 1579 over a year ago
I wonder if ?  LisaForde 0 1718 over a year ago
Even though Giselle’s statue was Robert but  LisaForde 0 2212 over a year ago
Is the ball suppose to be  LisaForde 0 949 over a year ago
Am I the only one who noticed this  LisaForde 0 469 over a year ago
encantada On TV(2007)  LisaForde 0 1153 over a year ago
Why is it that in every romantic comedy  LisaForde 0 383 over a year ago
Birthdays  LisaForde 0 392 over a year ago
I CANNOT GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD  LisaForde 0 298 over a year ago
If only men like Robert Philip exist  LisaForde 0 1122 over a year ago
Who thinks  LisaForde 0 524 over a year ago
Why was morgan on her own  LisaForde 0 678 over a year ago
Is it me or did I hear Patrick Dempsey saying  LisaForde 0 448 over a year ago
Although this movie is so stupid in a way but  LisaForde 0 738 over a year ago
Did Patrick Dempsey wore contact lenses  LisaForde 0 521 over a year ago
Happy 36th birthday Amy Adams  LisaForde 0 526 over a year ago
Cg society encantada  LisaForde 0 455 over a year ago
Am I the only one  LisaForde 0 285 over a year ago
I wonder can  LisaForde 0 292 over a year ago
Did anyone find this scene funny  LisaForde 0 386 over a year ago
Why did  LisaForde 0 238 over a year ago
Did anyone think that Robert was  LisaForde 1 544 over a year ago
I thought  LisaForde 0 245 over a year ago
My idea for the sequel.  LisaForde 2 397 over a year ago
encantada 2  LisaForde 1 470 over a year ago
Did anyone find this scene weird?  LisaForde 1 309 over a year ago
Huge plothole  LisaForde 1 688 over a year ago
Another thing I spotted  LisaForde 1 342 over a year ago
Has anyone noticed this  LisaForde 0 247 over a year ago
Am I the only person  LisaForde 0 2576 over a year ago
Did anyone think that Patrick Dempsey was  LisaForde 0 562 over a year ago
The intro for encantada  LisaForde 0 415 over a year ago
The only thing Giselle & cinderela have in common is  LisaForde 0 316 over a year ago
Snow White reference  LisaForde 0 527 over a year ago
Amy Adams & Patrick Dempsey's chemistry in this film  LisaForde 3 4060 over a year ago
THE FLAW  marissa 16 872 over a year ago
The sweetest scene in encantada  LisaForde 0 2273 over a year ago
Ever Notice?  LisaForde 0 251 over a year ago
DO you think Dempsey had surgery on his nose  LisaForde 2 279 over a year ago
Ever Notice??  DreamyGal 1 406 over a year ago
The only bit that I found confusing  LisaForde 4 235 over a year ago
Amy on the wedding dress she wore in the movie  LisaForde 1 558 over a year ago
The animated version of Amy Adams reminds me of  LisaForde 1 265 over a year ago
Saw this a few minutos atrás  LisaForde 0 429 over a year ago
So Close,Happy Working Song & Thats how you know were ......  LisaForde 0 457 over a year ago
ATTENTION encantada FANS, NEW SPOT!!!!  ForsakenMoon19 0 462 over a year ago
I wonder  LisaForde 0 349 over a year ago
Saw this last night  LisaForde 0 321 over a year ago
Congrats to  LisaForde 2 282 over a year ago
Wow isn't this getting  LisaForde 0 426 over a year ago
A huge plothole near the end.............that was very strange  LisaForde 0 471 over a year ago
I just got my  LisaForde 0 289 over a year ago
Patrick is so hot in this movie  LisaForde 0 329 over a year ago
pergunta  LisaForde 0 417 over a year ago
Plot holes I have noticed  LisaForde 0 176 over a year ago
maçã, apple scene in encantada  LisaForde 0 1431 over a year ago
Who here fancies Mcdreamy  LisaForde 0 379 over a year ago
The reason why Giselle chose Robert!!!!!!!!!!!  LisaForde 0 385 over a year ago
I wonder??????????????  LisaForde 0 350 over a year ago
Does anybody know  LisaForde 0 270 over a year ago
Nicole Kidman + Avril Lavinge + a bit of Kirsten Dunst= Amy Adams  LisaForde 0 2165 over a year ago
amy adams  LisaForde 0 609 over a year ago
James Marsden  LisaForde 0 1314 over a year ago
Patrick Dempsey reminded me of  LisaForde 0 1237 over a year ago
Idina Menzel(who I never heard of until this came out)  LisaForde 0 3954 over a year ago
Susan Sarandon  LisaForde 0 377 over a year ago
Susan Sarandon  LisaForde 0 187 over a year ago
This movie made me  LisaForde 0 373 over a year ago
F word used  LisaForde 0 398 over a year ago
Charcther Game: Describe Robert  LisaForde 0 560 over a year ago
Round 2 : Describe Edward  LisaForde 0 82 over a year ago
encantada Game: Describe the charcthers  LisaForde 0 171 over a year ago
Attention encantada fãs  LisaForde 0 336 over a year ago
What are your favourite bits in this movie..........  LisaForde 0 494 over a year ago
WOW 1717 fãs  LisaForde 0 894 over a year ago
If there was a sequel to this.  LisaForde 4 443 over a year ago
Mcdreamy  LisaForde 0 387 over a year ago
pergunta  LisaForde 0 398 over a year ago
Who is the creator of this spot?  LisaForde 0 421 over a year ago
Adams comes to Dublin  LisaForde 0 220 over a year ago
why do some people hate this film  LisaForde 2 412 over a year ago
anyone notice this in encantada  LisaForde 0 253 over a year ago
does anyone know what....  uglybettylover 2 432 over a year ago