Ahw the beijar scene in TLM how cute.
Ok so encantada may be a mock of most of the disney princess filmes so here is a picture reference artigo about what scenes encantada mocks the most.Please comment and I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I do.

Before I tell you what filmes it mocks I was surprised to see so many references in this movie. Its so unoriginal and their really isn’t anything new about Enchanted. Sure its my all time favourite film of 2007 but seriously its like a memory lane type movie that brings us back to the dia disney was good at their filmes now its this computer generated shit that is so annoying its just not the same anymore.

So enjoy it and let me know what you think about it. If you are unsure about anything then please let me know and I will explain it to you mais clearly.

#1 Snow White

Starting off with the one that started it all Snow White was an instant classic way back in the 1930’s. encantada mocks a lot of Snow White and here is some scenes that it mocks

* The cleaning in the apartment with the help of rats
* The old hag and the poison apple
* In 2D Giselle and Edward rode off to the sunset similar to Snow White except her prince doesn’t go on the horse with her.

# 2 The Little Mermaid

The little mermaid was another movie that disney made back in 1989 and it tells the story about a mermaid desperate to be a human as she fell in amor with a human. Here is some scenes that encantada mocked.

* The close up beijar scenes

* The barco and the song That’s how you know is similar to Under the sea

* The voice of Ariel aka Jodi Benson stars in the movie.

* You can hear Part of your world playing in Robert’s working place.

* When Robert lifts Giselle in the air is similar to Eric & Ariel’s version.

#3 Aladdin

The only scene encantada mocked was when Pip was in the deli and he was imitating Jasmine.

* Pip’s little impersonation of Giselle was similar to Abu’s version of mimicking Jasmine.

#4 Sleeping Beauty

Another movie encantada mocked was Sleeping Beauty. Made in the 1950s this was my least favourite and I am not going into any details because I have enough of fighting done with this movie.

* The true love’s kiss moment

* The dragon scene

#5 Cinderella

* The glass shoe

* cinderela likes making dresses just like Giselle.

#6Beauty & the Beast

Another movie I amor here is the scenes encantada mocked

#1 Robert saying Please don’t leave me to a dying Giselle.

#2 Gaston & Edward are alike as they are vain and obnoxious.

#3 Robert’s suit is similar to Beast’s.

#4 The walking into the ballroom was similar and the chandelier.
Ok the encantada version was the dead ringer to this one because they look JUST LIKE ARIEL & ERIC. To Kevin Lima did you honestly wanted Amy Adams and that guy who is so overated to look like these two above. I think Yes.
The barco scene was so similar except in TLM its done at night and in encantada its done in the daytime.
Enchanted’s version was similar except it was done in NYC and it was done in the dia light.
Moving on to Snow White now and this scene in encantada was a rip off to Snow White, honestly this director has run out of ideas for this movie.
The original Snow White one
TLM again now and this one always reminds me of when Giselle & Robert go out to jantar in that restaurant place and the way Eric smiles at Ariel is the same as Robert smiling at Giselle.
The encantada one was set in the restaurant and they both look happy here.
The glass slipper fitting in cinderela was similar in encantada only it was the prince who put on the shoe on Nancy and in cinderela it was the prince’s henchman who put on the shoe on Cinderella’s foot.
The encantada version of Cinderella’s scene with the glass slipper.
Giselle of course opens her own boutique in the end of the movie and like cinderela she too loves making dresses.
Cinderella’s dress that she made por hand thanks to the animais who helped her with it like the way they helped Giselle making her dresses.
The dragon scene in encantada was a bit of a letdown although it was very edgy in a way but still I like how Giselle saves her man from Narissa.
The famous dragon scene in Sleeping Beauty which was really boring to be honest.
Ahw another one now from Sleeping Beauty and this was a cute scene. Although their was no sound only antiquado, à moda antiga música in the background.
Enchanted’s one now and this is the twist to the whole movie. She ends up with Robert Philip and dumps her prince. Poor Edward but fear not folks he ends up with Robert’s ex missus. Now this was just too quick.
Ahw Beauty & the Beast here is Belle & Beast walking together to enter the dance room.
What’s this another version in encantada similar to Beauty & the Beast only its done in darkness and you can see spotlights. 2 things to notice #1 Robert’s outfit & #2 Chandelir.
Prince Edward should be Gaston’s younger brother as they are both vain and obnoxious .
Am I pretty says Gaston for me ah NO LOL. Here is the original Beauty & the Beast scene where Gaston is checking out his teeth. Yes they are perfect the way they are.