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Winxclubgirl202 said …
Sorry I haven't come por in a while, things, well, things have been kinda crazy. But anywho I just watched the premier Baymax Returns for the new Big Hero Six series and so far it's pretty good, animation is a little rough. anyone else knew or watched it? If any trolls comment I will hunt you down (not kidding either) Posted faz 1 dia
last_anonymous said …
Hello. This is anonymous speaking. I can't reveal my identity but I am a regular poster here who has gotten a secret tip. Laylastepford/Audreygrace is back and masquerading under a new account. I have not figured who she is yet and the tip did not tell me but it warned me to warn everyone. Please beware because the witch is back. Posted faz 1 dia
MaidofOrleans commented…
I think that's unlikely tbh. She got so much shit from everyone that I doubt she would come back again. I also haven't seen any comments that look similar to the things she said. The "anonymous tip" was probably just someone trying to stir up trouble. Probably would be best to ignore it. If we actually start seeing someone saying offensive things then we can take action, but I haven't seen anything like that so I don't think we need to freak out. faz 1 dia
deedragongirl commented…
Is this for real? ^^Thanks for the advice! faz 1 dia
Sparklefairy375 commented…
I don't think this is valid and accurate enough. I don't think she would coming back due of the (undeserved) bullies she got here several years ago. She already left this site for a long time and all accounts pretending to be her are all fake. Beside we have no idea who give this information, so I don't have a valid reason to believe. faz 1 dia
UnholyNoise commented…
ah well. that sucks if it's true, she was terrible, but there isn't much any of us can do about it. faz 8 horas
iamabananaxox said …
Hi beautiful people<3 I Used to be on here a few years atrás and I cant remember my user lol but I hope that you're all alright<3 heheh and I'm Eesha. Its been a while since ive been on here but I forgot how much I actually missed everything. Posted faz 2 dias
BelleRose829 commented…
Did you have an old username? Either way welcome back bruh. faz 2 dias
Sparklefairy375 commented…
Hello and welcome. Anyway what's the name of your old account? faz 2 dias
MaidofOrleans commented…
Nice to see you! faz 2 dias