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mhs1025 said …
I watched Tarzan for the first time in forever this morning, and I enjoyed it very much. My only complaint is Tarzan speaking ape in front of the humans and then speaking normally in front of the apes. I'll save that for the unpopular opinions forum, though.Overall, I thought the story was well written out, the songs were fantastic, and the animation was outstanding. The cast was great, too. Plus, there are afew things about the cast I didn't know. *Continues in comments* Posted faz 1 hora
mhs1025 commented…
I didn't know Minnie Driver voiced Jane until I looked up the movie. Rosie O'Donnell did a FANTASTIC job playing Terk, and, let me get this out there. Glenn Close as Kala. Oh. My. God. I'm sorry, even though she did a great job voicing Kala, she'll ALWAYS be Cruella De Ville to me. When I saw her in the remake of 101 Dalmatians, that's all I've thought of her as ever since! faz 1 hora
mhs1025 commented…
Something I forgot to mention, when You'll Be In My coração played at the end, I lost IT. I mean, I just lost IT. That song has had so much meaning to me in the past months. In fact, you can read how I think about it in the unpopular opinions forum. faz 1 hora
Winxclubgirl202 said …
Life in trade school is hanging in there, had two breakdowns of homesickness (which was fun) but the program is almost done which means I'll be going início soon. Posted faz 20 horas
MaryZaki commented…
Good Luck~ faz 14 horas
ajotma said …
It's my 22nd Birthday today! Posted faz 1 dia
AdelitaI commented…
Happy birthday! faz 1 dia
MaryZaki commented…
Have a great day~ faz 14 horas
Mongoose09 commented…
Happy Birthday!! :D faz 9 horas