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The fans pick: I was always afraid of Lady Tremaine and wanted her punished for abusing Cindy
The fans pick: I hope Frozen - Uma Aventura Congelante - Uma Aventura Congelante is mais similar to SW instead of enrolados in terms of animation
The fans pick: 1770s
The fans pick: Honor To Us All
Honor To Us All
I&# 39; ll Make a Man Out of You
The fans pick: Elsa
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1 fã answered this question
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deedragongirl said …
Sad news guys, my dad's ex-colleague's wife has unexpectedly passed on of cancer. Please pray for the family during bereavement period. Posted faz 2 horas
deedragongirl said …
Hi guys, are any of you are watching the Crown? I just started watching it. Posted faz 13 horas
324anna commented…
I recently watched the first two episodes and I liked them! faz 8 horas
AudreyFreak said …
So I'm a little confused. sweetie-buttons PMd me to insinuate my Anna/Elsa's DP lists were biased like I said PL's Esmeralda list was and I answered. But Adelital is the one who replied back.

I thought Sweetie looked like someone's meia account. Guess that true. Posted faz 1 dia
phalangeregina commented…
That's quite shocking if that is true. Adelital is a long-term member. I am not sure who sweetie-buttons or PL are though. I have not seen them around but I will be on the lookout now. Thanks for the warning! faz 1 dia
AdelitaI commented…
Apologies for atuação like paranoic. faz 3 horas
MalloMar commented…
^All sounds perfectly reasonable to me. A misunderstanding, on both sides perhaps? faz 2 horas