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KataraLover said …
Have any of you guys seen the youtube movie review channel called Musical Hell? It's a really great channel with an awesome reviewer. Yes, as a Christian, I was a little uncomfortable with the character for this channel being a demon from hell but I got over it after a few days. Besides, there's even a video that gives hints of the character Diva's backstory before she became a demon whose job was to review terrible musicals. Posted faz 4 horas
deedragongirl said …
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link Posted faz 1 dia
JaDangerz said …
So Black pantera came out, now people are praising the main characters sister Princess Shuri calling her the Best disney Princess ever and want her to cadastrar-se the lineup Posted faz 1 dia
Sparklefairy375 commented…
I don't get why peoples ever want a Marvel or estrela Wars heroine to cadastrar-se the DP lineup, only because she was calling "Princess" faz 1 dia
deedragongirl commented…
Come on, they're not even Disney! faz 1 dia
JaDangerz commented…
^ remember how Giselle was gonna be part of the lineup. Until disney realized they would have to keep paying Amy Adams use her image so that never happened. I’m pretty sure this won’t happen either faz 1 dia