Wrestling favorito Old School Wrestler?

macaddict posted on Dec 14, 2006 at 08:16PM
When I was a kid I used to watch TBS wrestling. I think it was the NWA or something (not WWF) and they used to have the Iron Sheik and Rick Flair and a few other crazies.

In the late 80s though, my far and away favorite was The Ultimate Warrior. Unfortunately he fell from grace pretty quick and never really seemed to recover. I read some articles that he fell on hard times and I think there was a documentary made on his life.

After that, I didn't watch much wrestling.

Who are your faves?

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over a year ago loner614 said…
If I had to pick one, It would be Rowdy Roddy Piper. The very first wrestling match I ever saw was "The War to Settle The Score" Broadcast on MTV. Roddy Piper faced off against Hulk Hogan, With Mr. T and Cindy Lauper in his corner, And it was The build up and prelude to the very first Wrestlemania!!! Piper was the baddest bad ass, and Then a huge fan fav. But he was ridicously funny either way, I love the old pipers pit segments. Macho Man comes in a close second, But Piper has always been my Favorite by far. I wish him luck in his recent battle with cancer, Love ya Roddy, LETS GET ROWDY!!!
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over a year ago greedo said…
I'm a Macho Man fan. Randy Savage always entertaining always great.

Also, anyone remember that big fat policeman wrestler? Anyone remember his name? That guy always used to crack me up.

And Roddy Piper was also great. Didn't he used to wear a scottish kilt?
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over a year ago loner614 said…
That He did greedo, that he did, Still does as a matter of fact, lol...And the fat cop wrestler your refering too is "The Big Boss Man" Unfortunalty he died of a heart attack not to long ago
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over a year ago wassman said…
I have a bunch of favourites like Hulk Hogan, Macho Man and others. But my favourite back then would have to be Jake "The Snake" Roberts. He had one of the best wrestling intro music and was the innovator of the ddt, which he perfected. Oh yeah and let's not forget about his pet snake, Damien.