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Everyone thinks Beck is the perfect guy, but he's not!
Here is a list of why Beck is a jerk:
1. In the "pilot" in alphabetical improvisation, he spent contradicting Jade.
2. He let Tori beijar him, having him a girlfriend.
3. In "stage fighting" when Jade said he hurt his eye he replied: "which of the two" mocking her.
4. In "Jade Beck dumps" gave his cell number to Alyssa Vauhn, knowing he had a girlfriend and that she was not going to like him to do that.
5. He asked Tori: "If you were my girlfriend ..." while Jade was in front of them.
6. He said he was happy to have broke up with Jade because...
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Brilhante Victoria is way too underrated. Yes, it was famous back in the 2010-2013 era but it’s still way too underrated. It deserves way mais credit than it has and way mais viewer ship. People talk about drake&josh, Hanna Montana, zoey101, and some of the newer shows like the thundermans, I am Frankie, the dude perfect show, and some other shows but they are all too overrated. I also find that overtime Nickelodeon shows are dropping in standard. And it’s not just por a little bit but it’s drastically. Having been a fã of Brilhante Victoria and Nickelodeon as a whole since 2010, I must say that...
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