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crash14 posted on Mar 25, 2012 at 05:00PM
This is a place where you can be or make your own looney tunes

Name: jake tasmanian devil
Species: tasmanian devil
Age: 10
Personality: is taz younger brother isn't as stronge but is really smart

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over a year ago crash14 said…
Hey guys
over a year ago pEnELoPe3six said…
Hey crash14 just a question, are u ten years old? Just asking
This is mine (i will add more details)
Name: Demetria Marie Russo Duck
Species: Wild duck
Birthday: Jan. 2, 2000
Age: 12 (by now)
Gender: Female
Personality: is Tina's cousin (I wish), and.. let's just say combined personalities of Daffy and Tina. Annoying yet smart ^^
over a year ago crash14 said…
Hey demetria whatcha doin
over a year ago pEnELoPe3six said…
Yeah doing great awesome stuff to get rid of boredom. And hey jake wats up
over a year ago crash14 said…
I'm gonna go hang with my bro taz