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alyssa milano
Alyssa Milano

The little Mermaid was released on November 17 1989 and is largely accredited with being the film that heralded the beginning of the disney Renaissance. With the average production time of an animated disney film being 6 years this film was developed in the height of the 80’s.

The assignment of designing the heroine Ariel was left to animator Glen Keane who would go on to animate other disney characters such as the Beast, aladdin and Tarzan. He wanted the heroine to be reminiscent of the traditional disney Princesses while at the same time being relatable to the ‘modern...
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Ariel and Max first meet when Ariel, attracted por fireworks, goes up to the side of Prince Eric's ship to spy on the festivities aboard. Max is having a fun time jumping around until he sniffs the air, smelling a strange and unfamiliar scent (you can't blame him - Ariel just came out from the salt water-filled ocean and has a peixe tail for a lower half, she must smell pretty strongly!)

Clearly curious, he follows the smell toward the porthole Ariel is looking through, and our fave redheaded mermaid gasps and hides when she realizes that he's coming her way. The look of fright on her face as...
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