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The Big Financial Reason Why Warner Bros. Should OK David Ayer’s ‘Suicide Squad’ Cut | Forbes


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Thanks to the Snyder cut, the DCEU can compete with Marvel for the first time ever. Instead of aping the most profitable franchise of all time, Warner Bros. can now break the “rules” set up by the MCU and build its own lucrative cinematic franchise—the most coveted prize in Hollywood. While that might not pay off immediately, the DCEU can now start to build its own identity as a cinematic franchise that’s free from the reigns of studio control. They can let their artists take over.

We saw that approach work for Warner Bros.’s three most successful projects. Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice seemingly went untouched from the studio, and those films averaged $946 million at the worldwide box office—which is just under the MCU’s per-film average of $981.6 million.

Wait, what? Movies where the directors were able to direct without the studio micromanaging them were more successful? Who could've possibly seen this coming??

If you hire a director to direct a movie, let them direct their fucking movie. Why is this so hard, WB?
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