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It's Pinewood Derby time in South Park, and Stan and Randy are working furiously to build the best car possible. While working on the Derby car, Randy has acquired a very special component to help Stan secure a first place victory.
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As the four boys woke up they noticed something strange.Stan noticed Shelly wasnt there to call him a turd,Ike wasnt trying to wake up Kyle again,Cartmans mom wasnt there to make breakfast,and like Kenny gave a crap about anything his life was all ready screwed up!"MOM!""WHERE ARE MY WAFFELS AND CHEESY POOFS?!"Cartman found a note on the fridge."We have your mom held somewhere along with your cat""Oh Noooo!" Cartman read more."p.s. we took all your cheesy poofs!" " THOSE SON OF A BITCHES!!!" "THEY CANT BARGE IN HERE AND TAKE ALL OF MY CHEESY POOFS LIKE THAT!!!"I know!" "I bet it was Kyle who...
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The Story Takes Place Were Eric Haves Revenge On Scott Terrorman Again. But Then "RadioHead" Makes A Special Guest Again But Then Eric Partnered With Professor Chaos. Then Eric Called Radiohead To Come to Farmer Carl Denkins Ranch But Suddently Eric Warned Mr Denkins and Said "OH MR DENKINS IS THAT RADIOHEAD PUTTING ON A LIVE PERFORMENCE TRESSPASSING ON YOUR RANCH" Then He Said "Where So I Can Shoot Them" Then Cartman Said "There " Then Mr. Denkins Said " OH MY GOD STAY OFF MY RANCH" Then After When Radiohead Died Scott Would Never Talk To Eric Ever Again. Then He Would Give Mr Denkins 25 bucks...
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