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As you might know, not all of the mystical creatures known as Skylanders were released on the very first dia of the Skylanders game being released. I'm here to tell you about the order they were released in.

The Skylanders that were released first thing were;
Spyro, Dark Spyro, Wreaking Ball, Voodood, Bash, Prism Break, Dino-Rang, Terrafin, Zap, Gill Grunt, Ignitor, Flameslinger, Eruptor, Boomer, Drill Sergeant, Drobot, Trigger Happy, Hex, Chop Chop, Ghost Roaster, Whirlwind, Sonic Boom, Stump Smash and Stealth Elf.

About four months later came the arrival of;
Double Trouble, Slam Bam, Cynder,...
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i was on the pc watchen you tube vids about
SKYLANDERS i was watching a gameplay part 1
and then i watching a video called [All of my skylander] so watching lots and lots of you tube
vids about skylanders and it make's me
want to buy it but i didn't pay i got it for
natal 2011. i have now 8 skylanders i have
planing to get Zap.
maybe if my mum will let me!
P.S im on the last level.
yes it is very
long boss fight.