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posted by HouseInDaHouse
 Sherlock is rushed to Hospital. Will he survive?
Sherlock is rushed to Hospital. Will he survive?
According to the Daily Mail, Sherlock will fall a life-threatening 70 foot from the roof of Saint Bart's Hospital in the first episode of the new series. The episode, entitled A scandal In Belgravia, is a remake of the original short story, A scandal in Bohemia. It is unclear if Sherlock fell from the roof or was pushed por an enemy but it is certain that he is rushed to hospital after the fall. The BBC has confirmed that the segundo series of three 90-minute episodes will air in Autumn 2011. Irene Adler is also due to make an appearance during this episode.

Thank you for reading, you have been very kind. All credit goes to Mail Online, The Sun and Wikipedia. I own nothing.

 Sherlock moments before the fall.
Sherlock moments before the fall.
posted by Sherlockian939
1. Hero of Reicenbach- Hero,Richard Brook so that tell us that he will be hero at the end..

2. Maybe its not important but if you reverse GET you will get TEG SHERLOCK...

3. I will just be myself - SHERLOCK we know what that means to him being smart...

4. He couldn't deal with unfinished tune - BACH that may tell us that Sherlock will not deal with unfinished tune to so he will play it - solve it...

5. Loneliness protects me so that means he will be seguro alone...

6. Reichen BACH-BROOK-Johann Sebastian BACH compositor they been talking about if you don't know remind your self its fact 4.

7.We know...
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After effort of years, finally Sherlock with help of Microft manages to put an end to the terrorist organisation which was a threat to the world. The final step was when Jim Moriarty kills himself after seeing his terrorist empire collapsed.
seguinte chapter in Sherlock's life was marriage. The life partner he choose was none other than 'the woman', Irene Adler. There's a reason he saved her from being executed. For the ceremony they choose a place por the cliff. John was the best man who was with him through all the times of his life. Microft as usual choose not to attend. After the ceremony...
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I wrote this:

I don't have friends,
I've just got one.
This is the tale
Of how I have none.

Our story was great,
We wrote it together.
How long would it last?
I hoped for forever.

But Jim Moriarty
Came into our lives.
In the darkest hour
That criminal thrived.

He drove Sherlock mad,
And reeled my friend in
With puzzles and games
Sherlock needed to win.

The Final Problem
Led to the end.
The press called him fake,
My only best friend.

Moriarty tricked me
And Sherlock was stumped.
I watched from below
As my friend jumped.

He hit the ground hard.
Without further ado,
I ran to him, screaming,
"He's my friend, let me through!"

I couldn't believe
That Sherlock was gone.
Maybe it all
Was just one great con?

I said to his grave
All that I'd kept inside.
Except for one thing,
That I promised to hide.

One simple phrase,
I think that he knew.
My dearest Sherlock,
I amor you.
You know you are a Sherlockian when...

List por criminalminds15

1. …you are bored (BORED. Bored!!).
2. …you are on FIRE!
3. …you ponder the best way to destroy all self-check machines for the sake of your sanity and mankind.
4. …you hate those bloody self check out machines.
5. …body parts in your fridge, microwave or other cozinha appliances is just de rigueur.
6. …the idea of body parts in the fridge/microwave doesn't seem like a deal-breaker for a flatmate.
7. …you do experimentation's using your microwave and your fridge as part of the methodology.
8. …flogging...
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posted by iceprincess7492
These are some of my favorito frases por Sherlock throughout the series in no particular order and not chronological either. I may have missed out on a few but here's what I remember!

1. “I'm a consulting detective. The only one in the world. I invented the job.”

2. “Anderson, don’t talk out loud. You lower the IQ of the whole street.”

3. “Come on! Where is her case? Did she eat it?”

4. “Oh! You meant 'spectacularly ignorant' in a nice way.”

5. “I’m not a psychopath, Anderson. I’m a high-functioning sociopath. Do your research.”

6. “Don’t you want me on the floor, too?”...
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I recently started watching BBC Sherlock and it immediately became my favourite series ever. There is so much professionalism in this show. It's so perfect - the photography, the script, the acting, the música - everything really. I don't believe that there is one Sherlock episode that is bad or mediocre at least. They are all great, but as it happens with all things, some episodes are better and some worse. Here is my personal list of all Sherlock episodes from worst to best.

9. The Blind Banker, S1E2
I guess this is no big surpise. Since a Sherlock season always has three episodes, the second...
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I loved the relationship between Sherlock and Mrs. Hudson. We know from series one that they were fairly close; Mrs. Hudson hugs Sherlock when she first sees him, and Sherlock isn’t exactly a “huggy” person. He made certain that her abusive husband was killed. She “wasn’t their housekeeper” but she made sure “the boys” were alright. It was pretty obvious from the get-go that they cared for each other.

And this series just took that and exploded it into this wonderful, caring relationship that took Sherlock (I think) to new depths. For the first time, Sherlock looses his...
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