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Went is on the video clip! <3
prison break - em busca da verdade
wentworth miller
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THE Memorable quotes
~~Sucre: [Scofield watches as a prisoner is stabbed] Welcome to Prisneyland, Fish.
~~Wendy (the tattoer): Most guys, you know, for the first time, they start with something small- mom, girlfriend's initials, something like that. Not you. You got a full set of sleeves, all in a couple of months. Takes guys a few years to get the ink you got.
Michael Scofield: I don't have a few years. Wish the hell I did.

~~Michael Scofield: I'm looking for someone... a guy name lincoln Burrows.
Wholesale: [surprised] Linc, the sink?
Michael Scofield: That what they're calling him now?...
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