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Brick and Boomer: Helloooo, Nurse!

Brick: Uhhhh.......

Bubbles: I am not trying to be annoying.

Brick and Boomer: Aie!

Bubbles: I act like a nut, so they call me Macadamia
I dance like a klutz on a show called Animania.
[with overdubbed harmony]
Am I a cutie? Absolutie!
And a beauty, you can bet your patooty!

Bubbles, Miss Bellum and Miss Keane: But if you touch me, or even get near me,
I'll have you arrested...Do you hear me?!

Brick and Boomer: Bubbles is a nut, so they call her Macadamia.
She's cracked in the head and kooky in the brainia.
Each line in this song sounds pretty much the samia....
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