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Tonights episode 2/7/12  smokinjoe62 0 2733 over a year ago
Who thinks Tony Dinozzo and Ziva David should be a couple?  NCISFAN2013 17 6647 over a year ago
TIVA in the episode "housekeeping" and the sneek peek of the seguinte episode  NCISfan101 0 3414 over a year ago
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Ziva (Cote) leaving NCIS?  DaveX 2 11886 over a year ago
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Best word to describe.......[Round 35-ALIYAH] [OPEN]  friendsfan101 128 11910 over a year ago
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GIBBS' RULES T-SHIRT—Spiral Design—Rule Fifty-One  NCISfanatics 3 3320 over a year ago
Pauley Perrette is Finally On Twitter! — @PauleyP  NCISfanatics 2 2819 over a year ago
Pauley Perrette is Finally On Twitter! — @PauleyP —  NCISfanatics 2 4365 over a year ago
Just in All the cast now back for Season 8!!!!!!  DaveX 0 2618 over a year ago
Pauley Perrette & Michael Weatherly also on board for season 8  DaveX 0 3111 over a year ago
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Best Round to Describe...... [Round 18 - Tony and McGee!]  Lie_to_Me_123 112 13836 over a year ago