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Tue, Jun 23 05:20 PM
Washington, June 23 (ANI): After Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson, Kim Kardashian and Elizabeth Jagger, Leighton Meester's alleged sex tape is in the circuit, but it's too expensive for website owners.

The video featuring the Gossip Girl estrela priced at a staggering 100,000 dollars is, apparently, shot with an ex-boyfriend when she was 18 years old.

However, Jim McBride, owner of MrSkin.com, the world's leading fonte for celebs flashing the flesh, did not accept the offer.

"It was definitely a legitimate offer and it was from a professional who has done this before," raposa News...
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posted by s3ptamber
Leighton Meester
Body Control lyrics

Gimme music, now I need it
Gotta loose it, wanna mover it
Faster, louder, keep it going all night
I can take you to the limit
Move it how I like
Bodies poppin' never stopping
Feelin' free like I'm alive
I become a wild thing (yeah uh huh) I know that
I become a wild thing (yeah uh huh) so what?
This música makes my coração sing (yeah uh huh) you know that
I become a wild thing (uh oh oh)

I know you see me with my body moving out of control
I know you see me, don't you know that I got body control
This beats electric baby, shockin me right down to my soul
I know you see me I...
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While Gossip Girl's two million fãs pale in comparison to the Twilight saga and its mobs of obsessives, the palpable chemistry of co-stars Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick reminds us a bit of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

Like Robsten, fãs desperately long for Leighton and Ed to be together based solely on their smokin' Gossip Girl characters, Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass.

Heck, their only problem with the (now denied) Leighton Meester sex tape was not that it was dirrrrrty, or she was underage, but that Ed was not its co-star!

The fact that both encontro, data other people (co-stars on the show, in fact) in real life is neither here nor there. Have you seen how he looks at her? Chair forever!!

This fotografia from the upcoming issue of Elle, which features Leighton and Ed lookin’ all kinds of HOT (and goth) will only stoke those imaginary flames:
Combining fashion-forward looks and traditional elegance, Gossip Girl estrela Leighton Meester is considered por many to be a style ícone for her generation.

But the 23-year-old beauty was surprisingly modest and self-conscious when asked about her fashion at the 3.1 Philip Lim show at Fashion Week in NYC.

“That’s a very nice thing to say,” a blushing Leighton Meester said when asked about her style ícone status. “But I don’t ... I don’t know. It's not me.”

As for what she’d tell her fãs about picking the right outfit, she keeps it simple: “I guess it’s just fun,” Leighton explained. “Just wear what you like.”

“It’s just very original and inspired and it’s feminine and beautiful,” she said. “I just saw a few little pieces backstage and I closed my eyes."

"I wanted it to be a surprise!”
A deal involving the alleged Leighton Meester sex tape appears to have been closed, because the website said to be negotiating for its rights has posted some pictures of what looks like the Gossip Girl estrela in a sex video on its início page.

Celebhotline.com is billing the scandalous tape with the tagline "Gossip Girl Gets Wild!" and says that in it, Leighton Meester shows off various body parts and is even seen "giving a footjob." You can use your imagination on that one.

Again, the tape has not been viewed, and Leighton's reps have not commented on the tape, so stay tuned for future details as this story develops.

It definitely looks like it's real in the stills, though. Follow the jump for some imagens released por the site promoting the Leighton Meester sex tape ...
posted by gossipgirlstar2
Leighton Meester gave a cool interview with celebrity blog Just Jared at NYC's Fashion Week at the Mercedes-Benz estrela Lounge on Wednesday.

Here’s what the 23-year-old Gossip Girl estrela revealed about fashion, TV and música after attending the 3.1 Phillip Lim show in the Big Apple:

Q: You’ve been attending a few fashion shows this week. When you see a look you like, do you put in a request?

Leighton Meester: Well, the other night, someone asked me how I dressed myself and I was, like, “My stylist dresses me” but I’d say it’s, like, 80-90 percent him and the rest is me because I’m very...
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posted by Sweeetchuck
cobra Starship premiered their brand new song, “Good Girls Go Bad,” on Ryan Seacrest this morning, but it’s no ordinary tune — the track features Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester!

You can hear the new song right now on the band’s MySpace page, even though the single doesn’t go on sale on iTunes until Tuesday, May 12! Check out the song and tell us what you think about the tune, Leighton, and if you’re psyched for their third album, Hot Mess, to drop August 11.

You know you amor me…
posted by tareva1451
Leighton: (on the Rockefeller Center Garden Rooftop) This would definitely work as a show location. Who doesn't amor a pool and a lawn in Manhattan?

Leighton: Donatella is, like, kind of the shit.

Leighton: (On 'Gossip Girl') It's mature, but I feel like it speaks to kids and it doesn't white wash anything.

Leighton: (On her amor life) I am so good at keeping it not complicated.

Leighton: (On what she did for Valentines Day.) I was in Toronto and spent the dia there. I got a couples massage with my castmate Nicole Fiscella. We went back to L.A., a friend of mine came over and we watched a movie...
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posted by gossipgirlstar2
The queen bee of Gossip Girl's Upper East Side announced at New York's Fashion Week that she will be recording and releasing an album, reports Access Hollywood. Meester has always enjoyed making music, but this time around, she wants the public to hear her work as well.

The budding fashionista told Access, "It's so cool because it's a completely different creative process," than television. Meester enthused, "From beginning to end it's yours and you make it... You can see the finished product."

Perhaps her role as teen pop estrela Justine Chapman on Entourage inspired her to bust out her first album. Either way, you can be sure many a Blair-wannabe will pick up her album and blog their little hearts out about its merits - or lack thereof.

Meester will also be appearing alongside Gossip costar Blake Lively on NBC's 30 Rock, as well as reprising her role as Justine on Entourage this Sunday, Sept. 14 at 10 pm/ET on HBO. - Erin raposa
posted by gossipgirlstar2
RIGHT, WE KNOW, we hear you: the girl from Gossip Girl? There isn't a single self-respecting male who watches the CW's lusciously bitchy comic soap about juvenile stylistas navigating the social spiderweb of New York's Upper East Side. Or at least that's what we hear it's about—because, of course, we have never seen this Gossip Girl, and honestly, we had to ask a young woman at work, because we're always riveted por Ultimate Fighting and chain-saw competitions.

"Guys are like, 'My girlfriend watches it, so I watch it,' " Meester says. "But sometimes they watch it on their own. Someone came...
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Yes, he's dreamy, she admits. But Gossip Girl estrela Leighton Meester is deflecting talk of a real-life romance with her co-star, Chace Crawford.

"For the record, it's not true!" Meester told People at The Help Group's Annual Teddy urso Ball, where CW chief Dawn Ostroff was being honored.

This admission por Leighton Meester follows a story in yesterday's New York Post suggesting that Crawford and Carrie Underwood had broken up and that Leighton Meester had been seen beijar her Gossip Girl co-star off-set.

"I'm really close to Chace," Leighton said. "We're really good friends."

The two attended the...
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Elle has an upcoming feature on Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester, featuring the Gossip Girl stars as we've never seen them before.

Now we're pleased to announce that some additional fotografias from their shoot with the fashion magazine have surfaced online. Needless to say, they look amazing.

Get ready for mais smoldering Meestwick!!!

posted by gossipgirlstar2
Leighton Meester understands that being on a buzzed-about show like Gossip Girl automatically puts her in the spotlight – but she doesn't have to like it.

"I don't want most of what comes along with all of this," says the estrela in the September issue of Harper's Bazaar, likely referring to one thing in particular.

One downside of fame? The rumored Leighton Meester sex tape.

"[The tape] is not real, so it makes me sort of sad," says the 23-year-old Gossip Girl starlet. "It's unfortunate that it got carried as far as it did."

Meester says the rumor taught her some lessons about life.

"I definitely...
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posted by Sweeetchuck
Firstly I'll start por saying; Surprisingly, even though we call ourselves "The House Of Pop Culture," I don't really know who Leighton Meester is... I've never seen her work and I have never actually knowingly seen her. (I wrote the anterior line prior to just google imaging her.) However, I know the other guys in the office know who she is and I know you probably do too.

That being said apparently the babe has got a sex tape.

A grainy home-made tape of Leighton Meester performing sexual acts, including a raunchy "foot job" has appeared on the web.

"The videotape contains close-up imagens of...
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posted by s3ptamber
Oh yeah
Walked in the club with my girls
We were ready to party
I´m a ten that´s why I don´t have to spend, no ID when I get in
Drinks on hand, drinks on hand

Why you think the club hot?
Cuz I set it on fogo
Why you think the carpet red?
Cuz I set it on fogo

You wanna taste with your tongue
Don´t burn, think about it, don´t be stupid
Boys when will they ever learn?

Oooh oohh ohh (x4)

How does it feel?
To burn off like you do (x2)

DJ spin, hot again, cause I wanna keep movin´
From my head to my toes
Got all these boys drooling
Every club that I go to I lock down
Every city every...
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I make them good girls go bad
I make them good girls go
Good girls go bad

I know your type
(Your type)
You’re daddy’s little girl
Just take a bite
(One bite)
Let me shake up your world
‘Cause just one night couldn’t be so wrong
I’m gonna make you lose control

She was so shy
Till I drove her wild

I make them good girls go bad
I make them good girls go bad
You were hanging in the corner
With your five best friends
You heard that I was trouble
But you couldn’t resist
I make them good girls go bad
I make them good girls go
Good girls go bad

I know your type
(Your type)
Boy, you’re dangerous
Yeah, you’re...
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posted by gossip-girl999
Leighton has a tattoo on her left arm. It's a blue flor with yellow middle.

»Leighton is close friends with her Gossip Girl co-stars Chace Crawford and Nicole Fiscella. She says it's because they're "all just really happy people" and "have the same views on life."

»As of 2007, Leighton resides in New York. She first moved there with her mother when she was 11. She says it's her favourite city in the whole world.

»Leighton is right-handed.

»At the Teen Choice Awards 2008, Leighton was nominated for categories "Choice TV Actress: Drama" and "Choice TV Breakout Female Star" for her performance...
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posted by Leightonfan
Leighton Quotes;

"There's butterflies, definitely, but it's a good kind of nervous energy, because everybody's really starting to get to know each other, and starting something new that we really hope works out."

"The way Blair and I are NOT alike when it comes to insecurities is: SHE pays SO much attention to hers!"

"[Competition] can be so fierce and discouraging. But I think you can grow out of that, especially if you realize the only way you find success is: Figure out what works for you and what doesn't."

"I amor being able to put on ice skates and be a little cadela, puta all morning."

"The only...
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Tue, Jun 23 10:29 PM
New York, June 23 (IANS) A sex tape starring American drama TV series 'Gossip Girl' actress Leighton Meester has sparked a bidding war on the Internet, touching the $1 million mark.

Hollywood.com reports that Kevin Blatt, the dealer behind socialite heriess Paris Hilton's sex tapes, has said he is surprised por the level of interest in the footage, as the bids for the Meester video have exceeded $1 million.

Blatt also revealed that the footage features a younger Meester performing a striptease for a boyfriend.

'It's very playful, actually. It's not shot in high definition and looks like it has been shot using a video camera while they are both fooling around,' said Blatt.

Indo Asian News Service
posted by gossipgirlstar2
Leighton Meester is ready to go from Gossip Girl to pop princess: The actress has inked a record deal with Universal Republic Records to release her debut album this fall.

"I'm thrilled to be welcomed into the Universal Republic fold," Meester said in a statement to Billboard. "Their reputation for nurturing artists, combined with a willingness to break new ground, makes it the ultimate environment for me to enjoy making música and explore my own creative boundaries."

The 23-year-old has been laying down tracks since March for an album with an "electro-pop edge." She's working with producers Polow Da Don (Usher, Fergie), Harvey Mason Jr. (Justin Timberlake, Pink) and Spencer Nezey (Jupiter Rising).

Meester already has some experience in the música biz — sort of: She recurs as virginal pop star, Justine Chapin, on Entourage.

Will you buy Meester's music?
(Of course!!!)