cordeiro of god Will you Burn or Fade away On this Tripp with me?

SatanLovesYou posted on Oct 27, 2008 at 04:45PM
I recently just returned from Iraq. Lamb of God gave me the strength i needed to Kill and let live the enemy in my wake. My eyes opened as I finaly understand why we kill or should i say i kill. It is a lust like no other. To have the fate of anothers soul in my hands. I am the Lamb of God who kills the sinners of the world. Understand this.... I will kill all those whome get in the way. Who threaten our way of life. My enemies put forth me and all those alike. This power given to me by my command, but whome are they kidding for i am the one who is in command. At will... I will choose who lives and who dies by my Bayonet or Bullet. Those beside me I will die for as they would die for me. The lust is in all of us. It is up to you on how you decide to use it.


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