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posted by amarishal
Holy Bieber!!!

There is clearly never a dull moment with prankster Justin Bieber.

Wayyy back in October 2012, JB outdid himself por celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving at his Grandma's house with a striptease!

The Bieby Biebs showed off his all grown up, tatted up bod when he got nekkid, with only a violão, guitarra covering his famous junk, for an impromptu XXX-rated Canadian Thanksgiving serenade.

The acclaimed singer-songwriter spat out some heartfelt words like:

"I Loooove you grandmaaaa … how are youuuu … helloooo grandma."

How giving of him! LOLz!

Fortunately, G got the joke and laughed along with the...
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posted by ShiningsTar542
A few people are really upset with Justin Bieber...

A fan's dad asked Justin to sign a CD, but Justin didn't want to...
But that's not the problem, the problem is that Justin walked past the dad and then somehow the CD fell on the floor and Justin didn't even stop to pick it up or say sorry!

So the dad put up the video and explained what had happened. See the video at: link

Surprised Wow! We are surprised how badly Justin acted. :(
Could it be from all the stress and touring? This week the estrela has also been sick, so maybe that's it. (Hope so).

SOURCE: bambini
posted by ShiningsTar542
What would Justin Bieber look like with a shaved head? Today i will show you how he looks like,look down in the pic V.

Don't worry, Justin didn't cut his hair! This picture was taken back when Justin was just a kid and had short hair.

Justin has said that he would like to change his look. He said that now is not the moment, but that in his seguinte album we may see him with a very radical new look.

What do you think girls? Would you like it if Justin shaved his head or cut his hair?
yeah, okay i get it everyone thinks justin bieber is soo cool...but noone even knows him.
yeah you know of himm but you dont know what hes like.at first i used to have the biggest crush on him and then i grew up and was like well he dont even know who i am and i dont know who he is!
So how could anyone even amor justin bieber...to himm all you are is his FANS, nothing eles! so yall need to grow up and intill you actually meet him dont say you amor him or you like him.
and im not a know it all but im pretty smart and i know what im talking about.and i like hiss sonngs, yeah there good but all he talks about is amor but does he even know what amor is. Well thats pretty much it. and i live in louisville ky. my name is cassie rutter and if justin bieber reads this he needs to know that he has changed and if i ever meet him ima tell him he has.!!(:
posted by ShiningsTar542
Eminem's new song disses Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber. Why does he have to be so rude? -_-

eminem is pretty mean in his new song. Dissing on Lady Gaga por dredging up the old, ridiculous rumors that she is a hermaphrodite.

"Tell Lady Gaga she can quit her job at the post office/ She's still a male lady," he raps in his song. Talk about ridiculous and hurtful! Of course, with the number one album in the world right now, Gaga probably doesn't mind what Shady has to say.....

The rapper also takes on Justin Bieber in the song, saying that "evil seeps through him," and name checks Katy Perry, though he's much friendlier in his address to her, to say the least. What do you think he means por "evil seeps through him,"? I'm not sure, but it doesn't sound good!

eminem will offend a lot of fãs with these comments, that's for sure!

source: huffingtonpost
posted by amarishal
Eenie, meenie, miney, mo
Catch a bad chick por her toe
If she holla
If, if, if she holla, let her go

She's indecisive, she can't decide
She keeps on looking from left to right
Girl, come a bit closer, look in my eyes
Searching is so wrong, I'm Mr. Right

You seem like the type to amor 'em and leave 'em
And disappear right after this song
So give me the night to show you, hold you
Don't leave me out here dancin' alone

You can't make up your mind, mind, mind, mind, mind
Please don't waste my time, time, time, time, time
I'm not tryin' to rewind, wind, wind, wind, wind
I wish our hearts could come together as...
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Justin Bieber once roubou his teacher’s pen so he could change his grade on an exam. The 16-year-old Canadian pop estrela has been home-schooled since he shot to fame last year. He loves not having to go to school everyday, but enjoys reminiscing about some of his naughtier escapades. The estrela says he used to lie all the time, and even changed his fail grade to a pass so his mother wouldn’t find out how badly he had done in an exam. “I tell a lot of lies,” Justin told topo, início of the Pops magazine. “A couple of years ago. I had an F grade on a test at school, but I turned it into a B with...
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If you like justin bieber and you want his number you came 2 the right place!Me kylie jenner have met justin and got his number.And i didnt just say can i have your phone number.We are best friends and we text each other alot.Dont text him any mais because he lives in canada you have to pay 25 cents each text calling him is much better cause you can her is vioce if you want his phone number send me a message in my caixa de entrada saying can you give me his number or i need justins phone number i would give it 2 you on chat but haterz would get the number! thanks for reading
posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
When you close the front door shut after you, the first thing you hear is faint sounds. You think nothing of it and walk into the cozinha to put the groceries away. For all you know, it could be Justin watching a movie or your cachorro, filhote de cachorro snoring. While humming Small Bump por Ed Sheeran to yourself, you put the last bit of today’s shopping away into the refrigerator. “Babe?” You call quietly as you take of your red flats. When you don’t get an answer, you peak into the living room only to find it empty. Your brows meet on your forehead as you make your way upstairs, still looking for your...
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Like a lot of teens, Justin Bieber's parents dividido, dividir up. Although he spends the majority of his time on the road with his mom Pattie, Justin's still pretty tight with his dad Jeremy, who JB credits for teaching him how to drive and introducing him to classic rock.
"I have a great relationship with my dad," Biebs tells Seventeen magazine in a special issue devoted entirely to the Canadian pop star. "When I was younger, he taught me how to play some songs on the guitar, like 'Knockin' on Heaven's Door' por Bob Dylan." Justin's able to remain so close to both his mom and dad because they respect each...
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Smiling to yourself, you enter the apartment you and Justin moved into no mais than a mês ago. It still felt slightly weird for you to share an apartment with someone else - and your boyfriend at that. You and Justin have been dating for almost six months now and although your family and friends were skeptical for you to mover in with him so early into your relationship - it didn’t stop you. You loved Justin and he had told you countless times how he loved you too, although you had a hard time believing him. With Justin being away weeks at a time, surrounded por beautiful girls wanting him...
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Your grip tightens around the strap of your shoulder bag as you walk through the doors of your school. Your gaze flickers around nervously while you walk as discreet as you can towards your locker. A tiny sigh of relief escapes your lips when you reach your look, still in once piece. That feeling of safety does not last long though because when you’ve retrieved your books and are on your way to your first class, you hear someone call out your name. You recognize the voice immediately and you feel your body freeze in place. As much as you want to run away - you’re not able to. You stand...
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posted by rizwansait1
"Boyfriend"-Justin Bieber Lyrics.

[Verse 1]
If I was your boyfriend, I’d never let you go
I can take you places you ain't never been before
Baby, take a chance or you’ll never ever know
I got money in my hands that I’d really like to blow
Swag, swag, swag, on you
Chillin' por the fogo while we eatin’ fondue
I don't know about me but I know about you
So say hello to falsetto in three, two, swag

I’d like to be everything you want
Hey girl, let me talk to you

If I was your boyfriend, never let you go
Keep you on my arm girl, you’d never be alone
I can be a gentleman, anything...
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posted by ImUnbroken
"One Less Lonely Girl"

Alright let's go

There's gonna be one less lonely girl
One less lonely girl
One less lonely girl
One less lonely girl
There's gonna be one less lonely girl
One less lonely girl
One less lonely girl

How many "I told you"s and "Start over"s and shoulders have you cried on before?
How many promises? Be honest girl
How many tears you let hit the floor?
How many bags you packed
Just to take them back?
Tell me that how many either "or"s?
But no mais if you let me inside of your world
There'll be one less lonely girl

(Oh oh) Saw so many pretty faces before I saw you (you)
Now all I see is you...
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posted by coolkatstar
Elliott David How you doing?
Justin Bieber Doing tired, man.
ED You’ve only been in town for a couple of days?
JB Just yesterday. I got in the night before.
ED That’s rough.
JB It’s rough, but that’s what we do.
ED How often do you go back to Canada?
JB Hardly ever. I’m going to go back and see my family during Thanksgiving. But other than that, I don’t really go back.
ED I read once that you try to take off one to two days a week. Does that still happen?
JB I try to take one now. When I’m releasing an album, I don’t really get time off because I’ve got to work to promote the album....
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posted by simpsonizer21
Justin Drew Bieber, you're my true inspiration. I amor you a whole lot and I support you through everything. All of your decisions, I do support! xD You're amazing, babe. In a blink of an eye, I'll be right por your side to help cure you! I know you amor all of your Beliebers and I'm proud to be one. I sure do belieb that ALL haters on missing out on an amazing person known as Justin Bieber. You're amazing, hunny. amor you to pieces. I plan to meet you, personally. Face to face; maybe swatch our numbers(: I amor you a lot, Justin. We're the best of friends, right? I sure hope so. thanks. I'd like to thank you for being my role model, hero, idol, and inspiration. You're my biggest inspiration EVER. I amor you SO much. Please become a fã of this artigo thank u ! have a great day!
posted by ILUVJBBAY
OMG i amor JB i think i have bieber fever. He is such a cutie. I wish he was mine but, we all know thats not going to happen . I amor his songs every last one of them.I just cant get enough i think that selena is the best girlfriend justins had sos farbecause.Selly is a cery sweet girl with a great personality. P eople say i hate her because she got to jusin before u. well grow up justin secrect life is NYOB of our bussiness its very secerctive . I dont think we should get in his bussinees and ruin his realationship.I just think we should be happy for himand that he found someone with a good smile and a girl to make him laugh.Justin bieber is mine but not really becuase hes taken maybe in another life hes mine in a diffrent way . He loves every one last of his fãs please dnt spoil it u can cause his life and his feelings
Justin Bieber's ex-girlfriend has revealed that she visited the 16-year old during his trip to the Bahamas. Caitlin Beadles, who dividido, dividir with the Somebody To amor estrela before his career took off has broken the hearts of many fãs with Bieber Fever stating on Twitter that she flew out to be with Justin on 6th June.
Their reunion was supposed to be 'top secret' but Caitlin appears to have broken her silence over her trip with Bieber, tweeting non-stop about their holiday. Life & Style magazine reports that Justin and Beadles have 'rekindled their romance' after her visit following the series of tweets made por the teenager. Beadles said of her Bieber rendezvous posting on Twitter: "What happens in the Bahamas stays in the Bahamas!"
The loved-up teen later tweeted: "I hate when you have to leave. It's like half of me is gone. I miss you already!" Watch out Caitlin, when Kim Kardashian was linked to Bieber, she received death threats from his army of fans…
Ma Biebs turns down $50,000 to do a topless spread for the racy mag!
It looks like Justin Bieber will remain the only celebrity in his family as his mother, Pattie Lynn Mallette, has turned down an offer to bare it all for Playboy! Justin’s rep Ravi Batra told Radar Online, “while natures beauty in any form is worthy of appreciation, Justin’s mom Patricia is a born again Christian.” Well put! We are sure Justin is super, super relieved to know his mom will not be doing the spread, even though they offered her $50,000. I mean, how embarrassing would that be?!?!
Single mom Pattie, 34, would have been topless but not totally nude in the spread. Maybe she could have got some tips from Justin’s new BFF and former playboy model Kim Kardashian.
posted by MarylovesSelena
The segundo season of "Glee" already has fãs buzzing about some exciting new musical possibilities. After initially declining an offer from "Glee" producers, coldplay has finally come around to the idea of being featured on the show. “Coldplay and Bryan Adams were really the only rejections. But coldplay called a week atrás and said, ‘We’re sorry, you can have our catalog,’ ” Glee‘s creator, Ryan Murphy, tells the Hollywood Reporter. With topo, início selling albums like "X & Y," "Parachutes" and "Viva La Vida," producers will have a wide range of musical possibilities to choose from....
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