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shequridas posted on Dec 04, 2008 at 07:03AM
Hello, I'm sheq....and let me say this ...Yes i'm a christian! (methodist) and i belive in god 100%. Jesus is one of the spots i come on because i respect the guy, come on who does't? (except non belivers), but sometimes i would be like "What the?" when i see questions that can be affending to people who are passionate about their christian religon. Sorry if I mentioned something wrong but i just wanted my opinion out about what some of you ask.
Reply if you have any thoughts at all or supports me...any how.
God bless

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over a year ago MadamOcta13 said…
I feel the same way. I don't like it when anyone offends a religion of any kind. I'm Catholic, and I can't stand it when people bash us and say "They aren't Christian; they worship Mary!" which is not true. If Iwante to, I could say alot of things that I disagree with about other religions, because just think about it: if you agreed with everything from a different religion, wouldn't you convert to that religion? Of course we're going to disagree, but we shouldn't hurt other people's feelings just because they believe something that someone else doesn't.