Ice Age 4: Continental Drift Shira character ideas

sugaababy144 posted on Jul 26, 2011 at 06:03AM
Okay Shira aka the "love interest who melts diego's heart".

This is basically a discussion of what you think she might be as a character.

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over a year ago sugaababy144 said…
Myself personally look wise she should have a lighter fur tone than diego (blond maybe?), blue eyes (like blue as the sea lol!) and long lashes (lashes in 3D!).

Personality wise i think she should be down to earth, a feminist, and a strong willed girl who does not mind hanging around with guys. Definatly not a mary sue!

What i think her relationship with the gang would be like

Manny: Treats him well and admires that he stays loyal to finding his family
Sid: Does not mind him because he treats her well like a gentlemen. Although at times he can get annoying which can push her over the edge.
Diego: At first do not get along because of territory but later sees that he's an okay guy for a male saber. Completely obvious to his interest later on but she soon catches up and feels the same way to.
Gutt: Cannot stand him and his sexist comments to her.( Why this happens is because pirates believe that having a female on board of a pirate ship is bad luck) Would occansionally attack him or if on the ocean dunk his head under water if he insults her.
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over a year ago IceAgeMovieFan said…
Shira's Appearance: Her fur should look like Diego's but a little lighter, her eyes could be green/hazel.

Personality: Sometimes mean but sometimes nice, she's a girl who's always determined to be the best she can be and the best friend of Gutt and Peaches.Although sometimes Gutt gets on her nerves and she attacks him or dunk his head in water. Manny acts sort of like a "father" to her and with sid... she tends to get annoyed. At first she's a friend with Diego and then she starts to like him.
over a year ago imnum1fanofkate said…
big smile
very strong speeches...I like the idea! :)
over a year ago cooperlora said…
i think that she can be a Jaguar or i don't know but if she is a Jaguar she have blue eyes and her fur look like a Jaguar but in wight and Jaguar spots but she have a hair style it's read and short she is soo nice and love to sing and she loves babies .when she was littel she was found by a human he loved her and she to.she cant eat animals or kill them but she eat meat that human give her .after years a strong snow stshe wasorm killed all her human family and she start to walk a long in the snow looking for any help . her relationship with the gang :manny :didn't want to help her he don't trust hershe was a Jaguarhe was scared on his family .sid:found her nice.peaches:loved her and they were friends.ellie:loved to see her peaches make friends and she wanted to help her.diego:he found her sexsy and nice but she didn't.diego tray to be nice to her but she was a littel scared from him after shira told him that she can not kill animals and eat them he wanted to teach her and than they started to like each other.
over a year ago possum4ever said…
I'm not really sure... well I think her eyes should be little bit like Crash's, icy blue. Her personality would be kind, fun, and calm. Or maybe she could be wild and make Diego go a little crazy, too! I'm not sure about that, btw you never know what she's like.
over a year ago justinfangrrl said…
Well I heard that she's badass, but sweet.. I don't know. She must be pretty awesome if she made Diego's "Heart mealt" <3 I'm so excited!
over a year ago RoxStar09 said…
Don't forget, Jennifer Lopez takes the role of Shira's acting. c[;