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JulieL44 posted on Mar 05, 2008 at 01:56PM
Hey guys!
I'm looking for the name of a painting. I'll try to explain it to you in words but it probably won't be very good... Here it goes :) It depicts a man on a boat with this overwhelming view of the water and mountains I think. It's just so powerful and vast! If you guys know the painter's name or the piece's name that would be great :) I do remember that the painter was from the Romantic Era (~1820-1900).

Thanks, Julie

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over a year ago JulieL44 said…
Oh nevermind I found it :) It was the Voyage of Life: Manhood by Thomas Cole.

Beautiful painting. It's link if you guys are curious to see what it really looks like :)
over a year ago blind_moon said…
Ohh it is beautiful! Glad you found it and put it here so we can see it =D