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I am sorry the chapters are so short, I will try to make them longer. Thankz for reading, I hope you enjoy.

“We ran as fast as we could but they had a car waiting on the highway. We know who it is and so dose Nessie!” Alice exclaimed in a high pitched voice handing me a crumpled branch. I sniffed it delicately. Everybody held their breath awaiting my reaction.
All of my memories came flooding back to me as I arched my back and flipped back into a low crouch feeling a sudden burst of energy. I knew this scent; it was Nahul’s the only half vampire half human boy in existence.
“How could...
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Here is chapter 3 of My True Love. Please go to my perfil to rate and leave comments THANKS!!!

I was shocked at the sight I saw when I woke up. Everybody was rushing around carrying heavy bags and fancy looking equipment to the cars outside.
“Jasper?” I called, I was anxious to know what was going on and I knew that he was the only one who would give me a straight answer. He was at my side before I could blink.
“What is it that you want Nessie?” he asked with a warm but not quite genuine smile.
“What is happening?” I whispered “I just woke up and I can’t see mum or dad...
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"Carlisle i have a question." Esme said as she put her book down. "Ask away." i said with confindence. I was expecting the pergunta to be along the lines of what kind of cake do you want? "Will, you change me into a vampire on our honeymoon?" I couldn't believe she just asked me that. I mean I knew that the discusion was going to come up sooner or later but i would of prefered later. "Esme, this isnt the ideal life." i explained to her. "Carlisle with you it would be and i get older each dia while you stay the same way. You arent going to amor me when i am an old lady." "Esme i will amor you...
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This story is told from the point of view of Carlisle. I hope u guys like it please no negative comments.:)

"How did you break your arm,miss?" i asked the beatiful women. Her eyes filled with fear at the sound of my question. I could tell she was searching for a proper excuse. "I tripped over a árvore limb while running this morning, i am such a clutz." she said with a small chuckle. I examined her fraile body. It was covered in brusies and small cuts. I saw a wedding ring on her finger. If i wasnt mistaken she was being abused por her husband. I decieded to just leave it alone if she didnt want...
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Okay shapter 10 is finally ready and chapter 11 is well on its way (I think you will like chapter 11!) so keep looking for it!

Everyone was on guard; I was still recovering from Nahul’s... I couldn’t think about it brought back the unpleasant memories.
I had been right about what Jacob and dad had been doing, Nahul was dead. There was however one consisting problem, the newborns. The strangest thing was that everyone went on as normal except that they whipped around at the slightest sound that could mean an intruder. It was funny, everyone was on guard but they all acted...
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This ones very short!!

When she finally opened her eyes, she jumped out of the cama and growled at all of us. I hadent reacted like this.
"Wow." Charlisle said as he got in front of me. It took me a while to figure out why he had done this action. Protection. Rosalies eyes were bright red. An alarm flashing. Her face was alarmed as well. She looked from me to Carlisle to Edward. Carlisle had explained everything to Rosalie. While she was burning. She was going to stay with us. She had to hunt,fast. The smell would get to her and she would erupt.
"Rosalie, were going hunting. I want you to try to ignore the smells when we get outside. Itll be hard but please try."
She opened her mouth to respond. And then the shreaking began. It was a horrible n oise. Horrible. It drowned out the sound of everything.
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I know it has been over ano since i wrote last but i am getting back into it and i hope you do too. Enjoy :)

I cringed as i saw Aro grab Esme's hand. Her engagement ring glittered in the sunlight as her caressed her knuckles. I could tell por Edward's facial expressions that Aro's thoughts weren't much better. "You don't want her, Aro. You want me. Let her go, if you know what's good for you." I told my former leader. Aro chuckled at my order. "You are hardly in any position to make threats, Carlisle." He hissed. I felt a sense of calmness wash over me. "Thanks Jasper." I whispered. He simply...
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She could barley talk as i held out the diamond ring. I could tell that she wasnt expecting this. But, after last night i knew that i wanted to spend the rest of my life with Esme. Then she cleared her throat, and said one simeple word. "Yes!" I repeated her answer over and over in my head. It was official yes was now my favorito word. "I amor you" i said as i pulled her close. "I amor you too." I kissed her forehead and we sat there in each others arms for who knows how long but just enjoying each others company. A knock on the door interupted our time together. "Come in" i told the knocker....
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Ode To Esme:

She is there for me every morning,
with a smile as bright as sunshine,
with a loving coração and friendly soul.

She wipes away the tears i've shed,
With a promise of a wonderful dia ahead;
She is my true friend, the only true one.

She consoles me when I am hurt,
Helps me through all hard times,
Celebrates my victories however small they may be.

She loves me in a big way,
Too big to say in words,
I owe her a lot.

There is no mother that is better than my mother: Esme.