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DuRaRaRa!! Guys Do you like Masaomi?

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 IllusionDolls posted over a year ago
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IllusionDolls picked Yes:
He's such a sweetie, and one of the few characters who transformed into a self-righteous person who kept my liking toward them.
posted over a year ago.
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Katherine1517 picked Yes:
Generally, I dislike characters of Kida's archetype because... Well, they become very, very irritable and pitiful in the end despite originally being the "comic relief" best friend. Kida's different. He's a sweetheart but his actions toward the middle of the series, albeit self-righteous, made sense and weren't over exaggerated..
posted over a year ago.
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isisquinn10 picked Yes:
I love him so much!
posted over a year ago.
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