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These are my "unpopular opinions" (idea credited to Trailer marreco, drake on YouTube) about Doctor Who 2005. Now, these might be controversial so PLEASE be respectful in the comments!

Michelle Gomez is a FAR better Master than John Simm. Simm was fine, but he was too over the topo, início for me to properly enjoy.

The Weeping anjos are not that scary. They’re creepy, sometimes startling as well as being creative monsters and I’m glad they exist but they aren’t terrifying to me as they are to a lot of other people.

Going with the above, the Midnight Entity is THE scariest thing from New Who!...
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Doctor Who has a wide range of characters. From villains, monsters, Doctor's, Master's, companions and extras, there's a wide range of men, women, homosexuals, heterosexuals, bisexuals and asexual's in this show and the expanded universe.

The women are what I'm going to be talking about today.

As 90% of the companions in Doctor Who are young women, you can imagine that there are many women to choose from, whether from both the classic series and revival or just one of them. And that's not even including all the "extra" women or the villain women!

So as you can imagine, there's going to be a lot...
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NOT MADE por ME! Made por Analein!
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A Rose/Ten Badwolf vid to Time After Time por Cyndi Lauper. Edited por zombiekitty666. I just amor the work on this one.
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