Authored by soniczone1


D.Va is known as Hana Song (her real name) is a 19 year old professional gamer (formerly). She is also the Mech Pilot in Overwatch. Her role on Overwatch is Tank hero in Heroes selection on the game. Her health points for Pilot is 150 and Mech is 400. It is like you have two lives. Not to mention that her armor is 200 for her Mech.


Eject!: Even though the icon is on only in the Hero Details but D.Va ejects out of Mech when the Mech health went down to zero. 

Fusion Cannons: It's the weapon on her Mech. It shoots rapidly and it is unlimited ammo. The move speed is 2.75 meters per second but 50% percent slower. The rate of fire is 6.67 rounds per second and it will do headshots.

Defense Matrix: This ability is used when someone shoots so the duration is only up to 2 seconds during the match. D.Va can activate this forward facing targeting array to shoot incoming projectiles like bullets for example.

Booster: D.Va's Mech can launch on the ground or in the air. It will even take opponents down too like Reinhardt but only cause 10 heath points of damage to any opponent in the game. 

Micro Missiles: It can be used while doing Booster, shooting fusion cannons and using Defense Matrix. Also it will not do headshots though unfortunately. It will only shoot on the body of the opponent. Damage points may vary when using the Micro Missiles.

Self- Destruct: It is D.Va's Ultimate ability because she ejects from Mech and it explodes due to her reactor. The area of effect is 20 meter radius. The casting time is 3 seconds to fuse. No headshots at all like the Micro Missiles.

Call Mech: It is another Ultimate Ability when after the Self Destruct is activated. Also again no headshots. It will cause 50 damage when an opponent is too close to D.Va when Call Mech is activated.