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 I got this from a friends website Sofurry.com and don't say i messed up it was an idea i had [This is kate secretly doing it with backdraft
I got this from a friends website Sofurry.com and don't say i messed up it was an idea i had [This is kate secretly doing it with backdraft
It was early morning after a night of fun after the howl but Humphrey felt something was wrong like something happened to Kate cause when he rolled over she wasn't there. He thought she had gotten up already but when he went to the cozinha she wasn't there and she wasn't one the sofá 'where the hell is she' said Humphrey so he sat on the sofá and waited till Kate entered then he broke lose getting all on her for leaving and not saying nothing [Little did he know she was secretly dating Backdraft behind Humphrey's back] Humphrey: Where the hell were you how come you didn't say nothing huh...
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There are a ton of references in the timeline mainly because with the inclusion of dates, I could slip a lot of fun stuff in there. Right off the bat, any time September 17th is mentioned, that’s a reference to the first movie because that’s the encontro, data it came out.

First off, we have two fictional character birthdays, August 1st, and December 9th, which are the birthdays of The Joker and Oliver queen (a.k.a The Green Arrow) respectively. seguinte is March 15th, 1975 which is the dia that Terror of Mechagodzilla came out in Japan.

The seguinte encontro, data is another movie release date. Arnold’s birthday,...
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Song: Moving Mountains-Two Steps From Hell

Stinky: Dad, you never talk about your parents. How come?
Kate: I don't think he's even told me about his parents.
Winston: He needs to know the truth.
Winston: When we first found you, you were still quite young; but it was obvious you had been on your own for a long time.
Humphrey: What...happened?
(Winston sighs)
Winston: No one here really knows what happened the dia you lost your parents.
Humphrey: I'm looking for my parents.
Owen: Your parents? Humphrey, your parents are dead. Just accept it and go home!
Humphrey (shouting): I know they're out there,...
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