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celeste0502 gave me props for my answers
I answered your pergunta in Japanese in the club Tokyo mew mew kisshu x ichigo.
Very creative question! Posted over a year ago
Fairy8346 said about Team Fortress
Why are there only 170 members? There should be more! Posted over a year ago
Lani27 commented…
Exactly! over a year ago
tailsfan111 commented…
agreed over a year ago
63712 said …
*SLOW MO* UUHHTSSS WHEEEATLEYYY UH! Posted over a year ago
silverstream101 said …
Hey! just thought id let u know that Starpool is now Depudy of Dawnclan! Posted over a year ago
EclipseShadow said …
Wow your favorito musician is you!No of fence but awesome! Posted over a year ago
stramming said …
Portal ftw Posted over a year ago
Fairy8346 said about piratas do caribe
I gotta jar of dirt!!! I gotta jar of dirt!!! And guess what's inside it! Posted over a year ago
Vampire-Girl013 commented…
first time i heard that i put it on repeat and laughed so hard my sides were acking and i was crying lol!!! over a year ago
Fairy8346 said about Wheatley
GRAB ME GRAB ME GRAB ME GRAB ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 0.0 Posted over a year ago
can someone explain the point of team edward and team jacob wen its obvious who bella ends up w/? Posted over a year ago
cassie-1-2-3 commented…
It's not a guessing game. It's just stating your opinion. Who you like better or who you think Bella should have chose, or who you would have chosen, if put in her position. over a year ago
Fairy8346 said about Wheatley
I did this, tiny little Wheatley, did this! Posted over a year ago