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The fans pick: Stardust Dragon
The fans pick: Akiza
The fans pick: 1) Yusei
No fans have voted yet.
The fans pick: Yusei
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darkmystic1254 said …
yugioh 5ds is really awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posted over a year ago
nad2 said …
Yugioh rocks I have a dark deck, Posted over a year ago
lynnyukimara02 commented…
Kewl!! over a year ago
King_Jack_Atlas said …
Who is the most superior duelist? Not Yusei. For it is I KING JACK ATLAS! Posted over a year ago
ZeroKiryuuVK commented…
lol at you motto... Sweet ;) over a year ago
nad2 commented…
o wow over a year ago
lynnyukimara02 commented…
jack is it really you!? over a year ago
darkmystic1254 commented…
yusei is really cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! over a year ago