Ari had just left college when all of a sudden,"nice tatt"a voice said"i know that voice"she whispered
"i'm baaack"he said she turned around to see...
minion.she was Frozen - Uma Aventura Congelante with fear,"thats impossible y
y-you were frozen"she mumbled,"well surprise..surprise i got out with the help of joker he found me Frozen - Uma Aventura Congelante por that árvore we had our last fight"
he explained then teleported right over to her,and grabbed her covering her mouth with his right hand and teleported them to the same spot where they had their last fight."what do you want with me?"ari asked with anger,"I simply just want to talk"he replied,"About what?"she asked with anger again,"About your lobo demon half I know you want to figure it out."he replied,"how would you know anything about it."she said,"it's a long story so sit down and relax"he said *something seems suspicious* she thought as she sat down,"when i was Frozen - Uma Aventura Congelante i happened to take a walk down memory lane and i came across a memory i forgot all about" and he stared at her then looked up at the sky,"It was when I met your mother back then i was a regular citizen of the country of Japan,me and your mother were good friends then a ano later we were mais than friends... we were apaixonados so one dia on valentines dia i asked her to stay the night with me nine months later you were born you became the most important thing in the world to
me until i lost control of myself when your mother lost interest in me... she fell in amor with a monk.I was furious so i took you away to a shrine and left to take care of the problem thats when i became minion.So Ari I'm your father i was a lobo demon from the beginning i'm going to meet you again seguinte Tuesday in this same spot if you don't come i kill both your mother and your precious little sister...understand?"Ari was terrified and nodded her head."what time?"
she asked silently,"8pm sharp If your even a minuto late you know what will happen,goodbye"he said and teleported away

later on that day...
Ari opened the door and saw Bruce standing right in front of her."Are you okay you look sick?" He asked worrying,"Yeah dad,i'm fine i just need some rest that's all."she answered,"All right then,but take a chuveiro first you smell like wet dog." he said,"yes sir"so she went upstairs and took her chuveiro while she was in the chuveiro she started to think*man why do the strangest of things always happen to me
it's not fair *she got out of the chuveiro and slipped into her nightgown and was on her way to her room when she saw Dick standing right in front of her door,"You have a secret,and i'm gonna find out one way or another."he said,"man you scared the crap out of me,man just mover i need to go to bed..."she was cut off
"Don't worry i saw minion and got him thrown into a military prison so don't worry about going Tuesday"he said,Ari started to cry,"Dick i was so scared now i feel like I don't know who i am anymore."she blurted out crying hysterically,"Don't say that your still the same Ari that we all know and amor okay,we amor you sis."dick said to her sympathetically,"Promise me you won"t let him hurt me or my little sister" Ari stopped crying,"Promise,"he answered honestly,"now go to bed,kay" Ari let go of him and nodded her head yes."good" he said and went to his room,Ari opened the door slowly and walked into her room still terrified.*wil Dick tell Bruce I don't want him to get involved* she thought to herself.She closed her eyes and went to sleep.
The seguinte morning *ding dong* " Dick get the door",Bruce yelled,"Alright*sigh*"he sighed as he opened the door"Hey Dick,can i see Ari for a
minuto please?"Roy asked,"Sure,Ari your boyfriends here to see you."Dick yelled,"I'll be down in a minute!"she yelled back,"come on in"
dick offered,"thanks,wow your house is huge,um anyways when i heard from you last night i got kinda worried."Roy said,"I'm here,hey Roy!",Ari said,"Hey beautiful I wanted to know if you would hang out with me for the day"Roy asked...

to be continued
(read "A dia with Roy")