OOC: the is an update to the bio of tess, beceas her old bio dit not make any sence, and beceas she micht get her own fanfic serie.

Name: Tess shepard ( shepard is gunfires last name, thad nowan but a few knowe))
Age: 13
Apearance: blond long hair, bleuw eyes, slender.
Cloths: depens on the situwation, mosly somting short, thouw she also whears robes when she wants to stay incospicuwaous.
Personanly: agresif, shoot first ask qwestions later, doesn't trust easy, lolay to pepol she trusts, suborn.
Skills: Basic Acrobatics, expert with armas and explosives,masster marksman,knowes howe to use every kind of gun, abel to build and repair olmost evrything.
wapons: a pair of twin guns, thad gunfire made fore her, and in rare ocasions evryting els she can use as a wapon.
- Adoptid dauther of gunfire.
- Almost as good a shot as gunfire
- hase a intense hate toward mafia members.
- She often referts to/calls gunfire old man.
- She is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.
- loyal only to her dad and herself.

Tess's parends were killed when she was 6 beceas her dad owd mony to the mafia, afther thad she lived on the streed stealing and doing everything to stay alive, the chansed the dia she met gunfire and try to rob him, she faild, but instaid of turing her in to the police, he took her in and adopted her, he has raised her as his dauther ever sindes, and afther some time of pleading frome tess he agreed to teache her all he knows. Today tess is almost as good as her adoped dad. She now oten works either whit her dad or on her own trying to rid gotham of its sucumm, thouw she prefers to target mobsters.
Young tess