About half of this will not make sense to some people (because I bring in a new minor/major detail), but i really wanted to write something and this is what I got. mais info soon to follow!

This high up -20 stories at least- the wind was a freezing tendral. But, as promised por its designer, the cold whisps didn't touch my skin through the skin-tight suit that covered almost every inch of my body. From my neck to my wrists to my ankles, the black fire-resistant, bullet-proof, millimeter-thick silky armor sheilded my skin from the natural elements. Fingerless gloves covered my hands, and, as always, my mask sat in place.
Another gust of wind pushed its way past, and I was glad that I had put my hair up into its usual braid. What I was attempting was dangerous enough without having the worry of my long hair blowing into my vision. I bounced on my heels, feeling the rubber soles contract with ease. My lightweight boots, as midnight black as the rest of my suit -minus the whisps of gray that wreaved around the torso- were as light as air, would allow me to double my speed. Which I would need for this.
I brushed my fingers across the row of knifes that hung on my belt. The hilts blended into the fabric, as did the one in its arm-sheath and the one strapped to my thigh. A sense of security washed over me, but not as much as the angel that hung on its silver chain, now tucked away safely into the high colarinho, colar of the armor.
"Quite stalling," I mutter beneath my breath. "This is easy. You've done it a hundred times." I peer over the ledge of the building, then at the one across from me, and feel my coração jump into my throat. "But never that far."
I shake my head to clear the thoughts of failure and injury. Before I lose all my courage, I back up and dig my heels into the gritty roof.
"Three seconds," I whisper. "3... 2... 1!"
I sprint as quickly as I can, gaining speed. As soon as my boot hits the ledge, I leap, high and far.
I'm completely weightless in midair, nearing the other building. Time slows, but not slow enough. I have a dividido, dividir segundo to panic before I realize that I didn't get enough speed, momentum, velocity to clear the full distance. And I fall.
The ground races up to me. A small voice in the back of my head screams a warning, reminding me of another highlight of this new suit. I raise my left arm and flex my hand like I would to extend my hidden blade. The grappling hook releases from its hiding place below my wrist. It shoots high and catches on the ledge of the building.
Relief makes me grin before I realize me segundo mistake. the line swings me progressivo, para a frente and right into the mural of the building. It isn't as hard as the concrete would have been, but the whole left side of my body goes numb as I slam into the brick.
A groan escapes me as I hang, my arm up, and I can only imagine how stupid I look. The laughing I hear above only comforms my misery.
"That was great!" my mentor yells down, laughing between the words.
I only groan in reply.
"It wasn't too bad," Alek yells down. "At least you didn't hit the ground." Nic continues chuckling beside him.
I sigh and flex my hand again, growling in annoyance when the line doesn't release.
"What's wrong, kid?" Nic calls. "Stuck on the wall?" He laughs harder at his own joke.
The faca in my arm sheath is easy enough to reach and in one rápido, swift movement I slice the line at my wrist. It snaps and I brace my knees as I hit the asphalt.
Nic suddenly stops laughing and grunts. I wonder what Alek did, but don't have time to dwell on it before remembering my error.

Trail One- Epic Fail