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The fans pick: Snow White
The fans pick: She fits in well with both
The fans pick: Aurora
The fans pick: cinderela
The fans pick: Aurora
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Walt's Original Three Princesses mural

AudreyFreak said …
OK, I didn't even notice Kristenfan had made us banners in the Images. if anyone else would like to make some, enviar them and we can vote on which one will be the banner. Posted over a year ago
kristenfan10109 commented…
And I also made some ícones as well over a year ago
Aang_Lite said …
How would we go about creating a banner for this club? Do you guys know the pixel dimensions? Posted over a year ago
AudreyFreak commented…
I made one for the group I just posted below. I just pasted pics and minimized their sizes on the canvas. Nothing fancy, lol. Anyone good with Photoshop is welcome to try it though. I have a lot of screencaps saved so I can provide the pics. over a year ago
AudreyFreak said …
link Posted over a year ago