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TheLefteris24 said …
For fãs of the Fate Franchise:

link Posted faz 8 meses
vegeta007 said …
Dragon Ball Fighters Z is just mmmmm, hell yeah can't wait Posted faz 10 meses
EgoMouse said …
It still blows my mind that fanpop doesn't even have a favorito Videogame section on profiles. No wonder its so hard to find people on fanpop that even play games. Posted faz 11 meses
Windwakerguy430 commented…
Yeah, it seems to be so :P faz 10 meses
bouncybunny3 commented…
I've thought that too! I'd amor to be able to put down my favorito games on my profile. faz 10 meses
TheLefteris24 commented…
Same. It would be nice to have a Videogame Section along with the rest. Much easier to find fellow fãs in that aspect !!!! faz 8 meses