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☆ Yuki cruz Cosplay Makeup Tutorial Vampire Knight ヴァンパイア騎士 ☆

Yuki x kaname Tribute

Vampire knight my coração will go on

Vampire knight - My coração will go on

Vampire Knight AMV- Still Doll

[Vampire Knight AMV] Numb|Linkin Park

❤Yuki X Kaname❤ [Attention] AMV {Vampire Knight}

1000 Years || Vampire Knight || Zero/Yuuki

Yuki & Kaname - Vampire Knight [A Thousand Years]

Vampire Knight - Kaname x Yuki x Zero MMV

Vampire Knight - Zero x Yuki x Kaname - Flesh

[Vampire Knight Kaname x Yuki] E.T. ~ Katy Perry

Vampire Knight [NIGHT CLASS]

Beijo vampire knight yuki e kaname

Vampire Knight Omake Mini animê Portrait of Passionate amor

Vampire Knight Mystical Night Class Extended

吸血鬼騎士歌曲集 Vampire Knight Songs (Piano)

in another life I would make you stay | zero&yuuki

Vampire Knight - Still Doll - piano

Still Doll Vampire Knight full Ending HD

☼Vampire Knight-AMV-Listen to your heart..☼

amor Story Kaname & Yuuki Kuran (Manga)

Yuuki Kuran cruz e Kaname Kuran

My Slideshow of yuki kuran

Once we were real | Vampire Knight AMV

【MAD】Vampire Knight/ヴァンパイア騎士  「月光花」

Vampire Knight Skillet

vampire knight- monster

Mr. Wonderful - Night Class (VK)

Vampire Knight - Bad Boy

I Can't Stay Away Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight - Zero AMV [Bring me to Life].mkv

Vampire knight AMV In the Shadow

ON OFF - Futatsu no Kodou to Akai Tsumi -Vampire Knight

Suna no Oshiro Lyrics

Vampire Knight Opening 1 full

Vampire Knight Guilty opening Full

[Atmentod's] Vampire Knight - Kanon Wakeshima [Still Doll] AMV w/ English Lyrics

Vampire Knight 1000 Words

Yuki despierta - Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight~~ Kaname and Yuki - Undisclosed Desires

[Kaname x Yuuki} One mais Knight

♦~Yuki | Let It Go~♦

Yuuki y Kaname- La paz de tus ojos♥ (La oreja de furgão, van Gogh)

This is war Vampire Knight.

◘◘Show Me Love◘◘Kaname & Yuki◘◘T.A.T.U

kaname and yuuki

Everybody's Got Something_. ZEKI.


Kaname Is The One That Got Away

Yuki/Kaname VS Yuki/Zero

「 M♥S」 Be still

【 MMV 】 ●Skinny Love● Yuuki Ҳ̸ Kaname

kaname + yuuki | still amor him

Kaname & Yuuki | Seems like it was yesterday

Kaname Yuuki's message

[Guilty Rose.S] Secret Santa for nistra15!

|Kaname|Yuuki| ..It's not even light out..

Vampire Knight -Yuuki x Kaname

Kanayuu - When you tell me that you amor me for Alicia B-Day

Kanayuu- We belong together for Misssoumilou

The Horror of Eternity│KanaYuu

W h i s p e r [KanaYuu]♥

kiss Me [VK]

Vampire Knight | Welcome to the New Age | The Dark Forest

[Guilty Rose.S] YuMe || Vampire coração

[Guilty Rose.S] In The End

Thousand ano For Kamame! [Yuki x Kaname(Yume)]

Yume | Never Let Go (Chapter 93)

The End.


"Don't Leave Kaname, Please." - Yuuki Kuran

[GRS] Rolling in the Deep - My Part.

[Guilty Rose.S] Kaname My Obsession

You found me - Yuuki x Kaname [Vampire Knight]

YuMe - Hymn For The Missing

You Found Me~ Kaname & Yuuki Kuran

I need you. | zero and yuki

You will be seguro in my arms| Zeki (Spoiler chapter 92 Vampire Knight)

Vampire Knight 93 - The Final

[Guilty Rose.S]//UNFINISHED MEMORIES}.{Zeki.

[GRS]{Pieces//Secret Late Santa for veltpixel

[Guilty Rose.S]Vampire Knight//Lovers Hold On;

Funny Moments!:D

futatsu no kodou to akai tsumi

.:✖ Kaname Kuran ✖:. [MEP, my part]

~ Yuuki x Kaname ~ AMV He's all that

Kaname X Yuuki - Majestic Vampire [VK]

Kaname X Yuuki AMV - "Over Night"

VK abridged

『VAMPIRE KNIGHT - Guilty』 【M A D】 「Opening 3」 TEXTLESS

Vampire Knight Guilty Ending HD 1080p

KanameXZero *~hot n cold~*

Shiki x Rima ~ Why can't I breathe?

Vampire Knight - All About Us

Another VK season 3 opening? video

VK season 3 opening?

Vampire Knight Opening 1 and 2 full!

Vampire Knight Guilty Opening and Ending Themes

[MAD] Vampire Knight - Naraku no Hana (Higurashi Kai op)