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Shimmer(on water)-pretty silver tabby with shimmering blue eyes
-first female leader and saved clan from a flood

Brilliant(of the bloom)-hansome tortishell tom with deep green eyes
-descovered new medicine

grain(in rocks)-smalll tom with marbled gray and black fur
-found the rule of only tunnelers being leader to make sure they were mais connected to the tribe of mazes

Hill (of the moor)-lean gray tom with hazel eyes
-first ever leader and made a known tribe

Cave Guards:
meadow(of the grass)-beautiful cream long haired she cat with blue eyes
-mate of brilliant

goat(on hill)-wiry brown tom with...
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posted by Tuktu
I still remember my first dia I stepped out of the nursery, the pale light of dawn shinning on my pele, peles and the voice of texugo beside me.
Badger and I had been friends ever since I could remember, unlike me he was big for his age were as I was the smallest kit in the nursery.
That dia I was so innocent and unsuspecting of what the future had in store. I had no idea the moons to come would be a nightmare.
As time passed I learned mais of our ways of our life. I had now become a trainie and practiced hunting, I didn't know much about fighting but it was apparently necessary for me to learn. It's...
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posted by smartone123
Leader/med cat:
leads the tribe and interprets sign from their ansisistera.knows tunnels very well.only can be leader if ur trained in tunnel exploring

hunts for the tribe,main provider of the clan.not trained in combat

protects the tribe againts intruders.usaual bigger then hunters

Tunnel Explores:
learns the ways of the mazes and tunnels,can only be leader if u know this

brings life into the tribe and cares for them.kits are future to-be

future sharpclaw's,choosen to be a hunter,protector,or special tunnel explorer