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titanic mural

oliviafdez84 said …
Me encanta esta película! La he visto un montón de veces y nunca me canso Posted faz 3 meses
Bettinger said …
Hi everyone! I have 3 titanic ship banks cast in solid bronze for sale. They would make great bookends! I am selling them for $50.00 each plus $20.00 shipping. Thanks! Posted faz 4 meses
titanic12 said …
Since this ano marks 20 years since Titanic's release (already!), would anyone buy a 20th Anniversary Edition of the movie? It could be an extended edition or a 4K release. I will create a poll, if anyone is interested in voting! Our request for a 20th Anniversary Edition should be heard, therefore I urge everyone to contact 20th Century raposa via this page: link and request it! Posted faz 7 meses