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Review by SentinelPrime89 posted over a year ago
fan of it?
I grew up on the 1967 animated The Jungle Book and to this day, I still amor watching it as an adult. There was a remake back in 1994 as well as a prequel movie and to me, neither one was that good and did not have that heart. Then there was a sequel to the animated movie back in... 2002, I think. And it's not that good either and actually didn't even need to exist. So how does our newest take on the story hold up?

2016's The Jungle Book is absolutely, tremendously spectacular. It is the best since the 1967 movie, maybe better and it's also Disney's best live action remake to date. It is clear that Jon Favreau has a great deal of respect for this story, it's characters and the lore behind it all.
The cast is made up of so many greats from Ben Kingsley and Bill Murray as Bagheera the pantera and Baloo the sloth urso to Idris Elba and Christopher Walken as the evil Shere Khan and the ever so strange King Louie. We are also introduced to newcomer child actor Neel Sethi who literally carries the weight of this entire story while everything and everybody else is completely CGI. And he does a damn good job doing it.