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Notes: A aleatório idea I came up with! This is a Katniss/Peeta story that takes place during Mockingjay. My first fanfic, I hope you like it :) Hunger Games is awesome :D (who doesn't know that?)


'The time has finally come,' I think, as I watch Finnick and Annie's lips touch, thinking they are finally a married couple, as happy as can be.

    The wedding seemed like it lasted long, especially with my ribs burning from the pain of the bullet that hit me in District 2.

    I think away from the pain por looking at Finnick and Annie, smiling...
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Ok so this is an opinion/review of the ever so popular growing series of the hunger games. So I'll start with a little review and then will amor to hear other people's opinions as well as mine.

As you know may know my anterior review was on the Percy Jackson series. I loved that series and if you're into fantasia that's a must read. This book was targeted at an older audience and I personally liked this book more. Not to say Percy Jackson wasn't for an older audience, I just think this will suit teens better than Percy did. If you're wondering whether or not you should read the series...
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Catching fogo Review

Yes, I know I am not no big magazine or newspaper reviewer, but I'm a person with an opinion. So here is what I thought about Catching Fire.
Misterious. The science-fiction is this book makes you really wonder, think, and pergunta our world. Such, as what if in the future what is something drastic were to happen and we were put into 12 districts limited supplies, and most all what if the your children or yourself had to go fight for your life. Well the Hunger Games brought that idea to life, and Catching fogo told us the aftermath of that idea. Even thought, Katniss won...
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